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  1. I just bought a rift-s the facebook option was the quicker method of setup. I actually unplug mine when im not using it since it's easier to store that way. This has me minorly concerned anyways. And for those saying VR is a dead-end. As a flat panel gamer, this is a whole other experience. Playing thru robo recall right now and having tons of fun. Immersion is unreal. cant wait till 4-6 years from now. Increase in resolution will allow you to desktop work on a massive screen. Right now its almost too blurry to read text. so far on modest hardware its a rewarding experience (ryzen 1700, Vega64)
  2. What Doug DeMuro is missing here is the cost of ownership for light duty and especially heavy duty trucks over their lifetimes. Diesel engines cost a lot to maintain, traditional engine vehicle drivetrains too. i wonder how that all adds up?
  3. Dope, I’m loving all these pc’s people have started building out of wood.
  4. Glass top or sealed? Looks good. You makin life easy by using a salvaged motherboard tray from an old case?
  5. Filled and leak tested. Cables sorta run, need to zip tie a few things. Cable hider box doing its thing. Just waiting on paint to to install the bottom fan box.
  6. The psu cable hider fits! someone said my cables were ugly way back. They were right. This should help.
  7. oh and the other thing id recommend is having the store use their saw jig to cut everything (like linus did). The sheet was too big to push thru my table saw, so i was using a skillsaw. evrything has a tiny bit of variance in size as a result. Order your glass AFTER the thing is built so you dont end up with glass that doesn't fit due to measurement/design errors.
  8. The one thing i think i would do different is use larger diameter tubing or build a very long distributor out of acrylic. The runs are very long. Also, im still mad that my EK blocks started to rust. you pretty much have to use the premix coolant since they used steel parts in them. It really is not very hard to do. And watercooling is totally optional, because of the way the air runs thru it, i was getting great temps and low noise before i got it wet. Im thinking about having the fabricator cut me some thin steel sheet to wrap the front and sides with, then use gun-blueing to color it. will be more dent resistant from the kids and will allow for magnetic filters to stick without the hassle of the taped on magnet.
  9. Had my loop apart for maintenance and cleaning. I decided to re-design the fan/radiator mounting system. The metal fan bracket is functional, but kind of clanky. built a box that mates to the edges of the rad with some rubber foam weather stripping, then added the weather stripping to the bottom of the rad. Airtight and should isolate vibration. Decided to add 4 more 200mm fans to a box on the bottom as well, once that is complete ill just get 4 bolts to go thru the entire thing and snug it all up. Should be able to get sufficient airflow thru the rad at ultra low RPMs now.
  10. Wait! He isn't dead, EA surprise! There's a gun to your head and death in his eyes!
  11. What did you use for a top cap? My mdf is splitting in spots, if I can’t repair I’ll have to pry them off and redo them at some point.
  12. go farther... i wanna see some number-munchers.
  13. Given your CPU temps are about the same. Id remount the GPU block, sometimes they tilt a bit. Sounds like your GPU is having a hard time dumping heat into the block.