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  1. Given your CPU temps are about the same. Id remount the GPU block, sometimes they tilt a bit. Sounds like your GPU is having a hard time dumping heat into the block.
  2. derr12

    Linus inspired desk pc

    it was one of those triple 140mm fan kits. there is a magnet with tape on one side that comes with the kit. stick magnet to front, stick fan filter to magnet.
  3. derr12

    [ended] AMD CES 2019 Keynote Livethread!

    Id wager vega 7 is a last minute part due to failed instinct chips. Id also wager that Navi as described by adored is still incoming.
  4. Bf1 was infuriating. Shouldn’t take 7 hits from an lmg to die. Played my demo hours and quit because there wasn’t a hardcore mode. I’ll do the same with bf5.
  5. derr12

    Cheapest viable PETG

    i was getting the 500mm tubes from performance PCS, i beleive they were ek brand at about 7 bucks per half meter. tube is cheap. its the fittings that will get ya in the wallet.
  6. It’s scary how close this line of thinking is related to the wierd gun control legislation on the table in canada right now.
  7. Im looking into our upgrade cycle right now, you cant beat a pair of 32core 128gb servers for under 30g's canadian. im rather excited. these dual 16core opteron rigs have served me well, but they are starting to show their age.
  8. derr12

    ZEN2 will have Double the L3!

    Hey, just trying to help ya from limiting yourself due to a problem that is almost never a problem.
  9. derr12

    ZEN2 will have Double the L3!

    I’ve repasted hundreds of pga chips, never had a problem that was a perminant annoyance. Well except that pentium 90 I dropped.
  10. Honestly, if they could get child-care costs under control so it doesn’t cost my wife money to work a 22/hr job when you factor in gas, I wouldn’t need the child tax benefits. And I don’t mean subsidy’s for parents. seriously need to invest in day care centres and available staff (paying them more than 14/hr who just spent 10k+ in schooling would be a good start). We’d rather have us working than waiting till school age to get off the government teat. This isn’t really about what we are or aren’t getting. I’m more mad about being lied to, repeatedly, about the math. It’s not like I’m an outlier either. We are dreadfully average.
  11. derr12

    Extreme Desk PC

    Desk case is best case, comrade.
  12. derr12

    Linus inspired desk pc

    It is a bit of a lift. I at least have a system now where I lift the glass and lean it up against the back wall when I’m working on it. And if I sell the house, I guess this thing stays here.
  13. derr12

    Linus inspired desk pc

    Tried to heat soak this thing with repeat Cinnabench runs and time spy. Can’t get the cpu hotter than 38c and gpu hotter than 44c. And that’s without any radiator fans. It idles at 27c and 34c. Pump speed doesn’t seem to matter same result at 800rpm vs 1800rpm. Gonna tinker with overclocks tonight and see how hot I can get it. I hear overclocked vega64’s put out heat, tho I’m not sure even Vega can put the hurt on a 1260mm rad.
  14. derr12

    Advice needed for a starting computer "business"

    my side gigs usually involve buying parts on sale and charging the person for just my labor. I provide receipts from retailers so they know i'm on the level. Also advise them that if anything breaks, ill fix it for my hourly wage and deal with RMA's for them but there is no warentee implied or otherwise from me. i usually only build a few PC's a year for acquaintances.
  15. there was an October pricing review done with FPS per dollar comparison I saw today. In a nutshell: rx570 is a steal for 1080p, 1070ti and Vega 56 for 1440p are the best value (v64 if you get a killer sale). I think it really depends on the price and if you have free sync or gsync display. on the cpu front, a b450 mobo and a ryzen 1700x or 2700x are going for crazy sale prices right now, plus can upgrade to ryzen 2 on the same mobo. my 1700 oc’d to 3.9ghz and v64 slays games at 1440p ultra 75hz no problem.