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  1. OrionFOTL

    Is this PSU enough ?!

    Corsair CX450 on Amazon is $45.
  2. OrionFOTL

    Is this PSU enough ?!

    In a PSU you look for good voltage regulation (like using DC-DC converters on the secondary side), not much ripple, good transient response which doesn't make problems with graphics cards, components that won't die soon (good transistors, diodes, capacitors, fan), and properly working protections. There's also some more factors of varying degree of importance that I haven't mentioned. Looking at a label will do you no good, because labels don't tell such things. All those things you can only check in detailed reviews like on Tom's Hardware, TechPowerUP, KitGuru or ComputerBase, or ask people who already read PSU reviews as a hobby. Is it really better for you to buy a PSU in USA's Amazon than in your own country? If it's really like this, then you should try to get cheap good units such as Corsair CX450 or CX450M.
  3. OrionFOTL

    Is this PSU enough ?!

    Every PSU you've listed is a sidegrade or even a DOWNgrade from your current Gigabyte. Do you buy components from USA stores or some other country?
  4. OrionFOTL

    Is this PSU enough ?!

    This is the same or similar construction to what used to be inside first- or second-generation Corsair CX units. It's group regulated, old, doesn't handle transients well and doesn't use really reliable materials and components, so it's highly likely it will cause problems with your graphics card or provide unstable or inappropriate voltage.
  5. OrionFOTL

    Is this PSU enough ?!

    It's a 500W power supply with 432W available on +12V.
  6. OrionFOTL

    ¿Will this PSU be enough?

    It's impossible for us (and a waste of our time so far) to choose a PSU for you, if we don't know what PSUs are available in your area and for what price. If we don't know what you have, we can go back-and-forth forever with "is PSU X available?" "no" "is PSU Y available?" "no". We need at least a link to a store you use.
  7. OrionFOTL

    NEW PSU Tier List

    No, not good. Group regulated and old.
  8. OrionFOTL

    "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!

    If you need help with purchasing a PSU in Philippines, then we need to know what power supplies are available in Philippines.
  9. OrionFOTL

    Zalman PSU

    It wasn't tested thoroughly at all, but at least it isn't group regulated.
  10. OrionFOTL

    Will this PSU work for my PC

    Yeah, sure.
  11. I think it's because clueless people will then buy non-Corsair units without such label, not knowing they can still have the switch inside.
  12. Yes, an NTC thermistor is used to limit inrush current when the PSU starts and main caps charge. After the startup phase it doesn't serve any purpose and needlessly consumes some energy, decreasing overall efficiency. So some PSUs also use an electromechanical relay, which disconnects the thermistor after the PSU starts, and reconnects it again when the PSU shuts down, so the thermistor can serve its role during the next time the unit starts. I kinda wrote my post backwards, should've said it's reconnecting the thermistor on shutdown. Here's one in Corsair RM850x 2018. Green is the thermistor, black cuboid is its relay.
  13. OrionFOTL

    Sama Armor 650w

    They also have Cooler Master MWE Gold and FSP Hydro GD and GE available, but I didn't see if the prices are decent.
  14. It's disconnecting the NTC thermistor, but yeah.
  15. OrionFOTL

    Please help me pick a PSU

    What's so hard about browsing geizhals or tweakers? The only "hard" part is figuring out which option sorts by lowest price, grouping by brand isn't a problem and that's all you need. And you have to do the same thing for sites from other countries whenever anybody from foreign countries asks for advise anyway, if you really want to be helpful instead of pointing them to PCPartPicker or a list without units on their market. I have a feeling OP will just choose whatever Thermaltake 630 or Corsair VS650 he can find, though. He asked for help deciding between 2 shitty units after getting many posts with advise on what he should be looking for and what exactly not to get, and he ignored all of it.