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  • Birthday August 23

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    Building computers, repairing electronics
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    I'm pretty lazy but needless to say I do have a heavy interest in technology. I'm thinking of becoming either an engineer or technician but for now I'm attending college to get my associates degree. I'm kind of stumped with my math course, so my life is still in question.
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    RC Drywall (occasional)


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    Intel core i3 8300 @ 3.7Ghz
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    Asus Strix H370-F
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    16GB DDR4 2400Mhz
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    GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
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    Corsair RGB Carbide Spec Omega
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    Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB + 500GB 5000RPM + 1TB 7200RPM + Intel optane
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    Corsair CX 650 M
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    (1) MSI Optix G24C 1920 x 1080 144hz
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    Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard
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    Insignia 40 hours portable bluetooth speaker
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. I was playing gta v yesterday and it just crashed while i was playing it, and then killing floor 2 was having major frame drops and i dont remember that happening consistently before. I recently upgraded to an i7 8700 over the i3 8300 so i don't know if thats the issue. Terraria also seems to drop in framerate but not by a lot, and i can only assume its the overclock i added to my GPU or Windows 10 just being stupid. Btw, i know its not the CPU being defective because the i3 also had framerate drops with terraria and gta v crashed as well. Finally, i have a question about intel optane: can i accelerate drives running in a spanned volume or no? Specs: i7 8700 (stock clocks) EVGA GTX 1070 (OC slightly) Corsair vengeance DDR4 2666mhz Corsair 650w bronze power supply Asus rog strix h370-f
  2. UPDATE: Apparently after running diagnostics, the battery seems to be totally fine and the incident with plugging an iPhone 11 into the USB C Port most likely caused the false error. Might have short circuited the laptop, might have just bugged it out- I honestly really don't know. Good thing i dont have to waste money now
  3. I think i will replace the battery just this once but maybe try and lower the temperatures by using lower settings on the games i play. Just for the record, having it plugged in all the time won't kill the battery?
  4. Yeah it was constantly plugged in all the time, with few days that i had it off the charger along with those other two factors.
  5. I mean it does but i can't have the battery dying every year, if i swap it out this time around i don't want it dying again.
  6. I've opened it before to install components and HP provides you with the service guides they use to service these laptops on their website. So yeah i definitely could But i could also ask at a local spot
  7. So yesterday i decided to bring my laptop downstairs to help my mom with her iPhone 11, but as soon as i plugged it in the battery just died (I was pretty sure i had it charged) and when i booted it up again with the charger i was greeted with, "Your battery needs to be replaced". I decided to use HPs diagnostic tool and it confirmed that the battery is no longer useful, and im kinda pissed because my warranty is gone after having it for only 1 year, 2 months, 21 days. Yes my usage with the laptop was consistent and i always charged it, but i started leaving it plugged in all the time even when off because i need the juice to game. The laptop gets extremely hot while gaming, 88-95 Celsius and burns my finger when i touch the speaker grill so i think that might have killed the battery even faster. (Laptop model: HP Pavilion Gaming 15t-cx0000) Because its the weekend there's nothing i can do since HP is closed, but I don't need to go anywhere anytime soon although i want advice on three things- 1. Should i even bother with HP service? I don't know how much they'll charge to have them replace the battery. 2. I am capable of replacing the battery myself and HP sells the batteries on their website for $116, should i do this? 3. Finally, should i just sell the laptop and buy a different brand?
  8. I actually didnt sit the ram correctly on the board a couple times and caused one of the slots to have black burn marks on the plastic slot. But the computer has been running fine for months it was just terraria that acts up mainly. Although I will test it when I get a chance
  9. Nvme ssd 500gb 16gb DDR4 ram
  10. 500gb nvme x2 has the C drive 16gb DDR4 2400mhz ram
  11. So currently I'm experiencing frame drops when playing terraria while having 6 programs open (including terraria) and I have an i3 8300. I experience no such lag on my laptop (which has a 6 core 12thread processor, activated windows 10, and 2666mhz ram) Kind of annoying playing terraria with these random frame drops so I wanted to get a processor that's capable of multitasking like my laptop. The current programs usually are running: itunes, discord, chrome (5 tabs max open), twitter, insta, your phone, and FPS, RPG, sandbox type games (one open obv.).
  12. I didn't create another account to avoid one I had one pre-existing for years.
  13. Well that explains why it worked when i created a throwaway twitter, got banned there, then was able to keep my other accounts once i deleted the email. Still, kind of defeats the whole policy system social media outlets have.
  14. Same for suspensions? And how do they know? Cause that's the part I am curious about. I meant like creating a new account utilizing those services to avoid the ban/suspension on another account
  15. So there's a group of people who enjoy harassing people online and keep trying to avoid their twitter suspensions/bans by using services such as VPNs, ProtonMail, and attempting to use VoiPs to spoof their phone numbers. This has gotten me a little curious on what exactly twitter collects on its users and i wanted to have a discussion about it. Would any of those services actually work against suspensions and bans? As far as i know, twitter does collect IP addresses and knows when a user is using an android, iOS, or mobile client to log into twitter.