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  1. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    some quick shots 😉 completed in 95%. There are a few things left to do, but that's the details. This is my first project, my first custom loop and my first custom case 😀 Big thanks to GIGABYTE AORUS Alphacool Aquatuning Phobya Samsung be quiet! PL Liquid.cool without you, the project would not look like it looks 😝 Specification CPU: i7 7700k GPU: AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition MOBO: AORUS GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 RAM: G-Skill Trident Z 16Gb 3200Mhz PSU: Be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER 10 600W CM SSD: Samsung 960 Pro 1Tb Loop: Alphacool Case: Custom
  2. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    more soon...
  3. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    some quick shots
  4. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    some new fotos work in progress... more soon
  5. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    Probably the final look of the reservoir
  6. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    First fitting of mobo and custom reservoir behind me. It looks promising And some fun with cable sleeving more soon...
  7. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    small prototype of cable management on fragment of mobo tray
  8. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    Canon 600D with standard 18-55mm lens Light is a simple chandelier with good cold leds
  9. M/B Crystal - Full custom PC case build

    I present another sponsor who has decided to support the project And some photos, great motherboard Gigabyte AORUS GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 with i7 7700k
  10. Hello I decided to build my own custom case from scratch because the caces that were on the market did not meet my expectations of both appearance, compatibility, etc, and already somehow found it was awfully expensive. In this way, the idea was that I would create such a case myself;) The design is mine, all the pieces are done alone and are still under construction. The decision was that it would be a Miedium Tower. It will be made of PMMA material with the possibility of making changes at any time. It will be made of individual modules twisted together with the cube with threaded holes. If you need to change any item, I modify it or make a new one. Little data. dimensions: Frame + covers 535x460x226 + glass 547x472x250 Fans: Front x3 120 Top x3 140 Back x1 120 The frame will be made of black acrylic 3mm thick + on it will cover the mirror or black mat also 3mm thick. All this goes for "smoked glass" ie PMMA 5mm separated by sleeves and chamfered edges of 45 degrees and polished diamond cutter. Below I upload some photos from the prototype of the rack. Stage 2 All elements already cut from the target material (at all still protective film) Left to make the nuts to screw "glass" and put the residue. Next step, look for parts to fill the case inside. Only then will I take up the layout of the interior. Stage 3 Some photos from sponsors Plans have changed a bit and parts from be quitet! I will use for another project that is already in my head This project will only include Straight Power 10 600W First attempt of custom reservoir I have also got a motherboard and a processor but I need to take pictures Thanks to the mainboard I can continue to work so you can expect in the next time the progress of the work To be continued... PS Sorry for my English