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  1. Can we still get FAH badges, whiskers seems pretty inactive
  2. You have no idea how content id works, fullscreen configures and uploads footage to the system, the system then crawls and flags videos based on settings only youtube can control, you do have some control on how agressive you want the system, but the thing your whole tldr falls apart on is this, the video in question has been in yotubes contentid system for months, and it doesnt take content id that long to crawl, the video was not flagged until now, coincidentally the same time we see a massive uptick in claims all around, also around the time of article 13 dealings, almost like maybe youtube is messing with some settings making fullscreens perfectly reasonable settings go haywire, but no, linus is a demon in disguise, its not like anyone on this forum has interacted with linus outside ltt and confirmed thats basically how he acts, its not like thats a major draw for some people, nope.
  3. Adama

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    Yotubes copyright aystem is a function of how broken dmca is, youtube cant reasonably change the current system without inviting the ire of hollywood or the music industry which could spell the downfall of everyones job on youtube considering google already doesnt make momey on youtube, do you think theyd protect all these youtube careers if umg sued them for 10s or hundreds of millions?
  4. People don't really realise there isnt a better option, if youtube doesnt do this hollywood and the music industry will either setup external systems for automatiicaly suing people, or drive google to shut youtube down. This also has nothing to do with what i said.
  5. To be clear bud, a youtube contentid claim isnt acutally a dmca takedown, or even legally binding, its a youtube thing not backed by any law, dmca doesnt even have stuff for covering what content id does.
  6. Will the new floatplane site have a better implementation of chromecast/googlecast? The way it works right now is abysmal, when casting to a chromecast from any device i have using the built in player if i have previously casted a video with the player and i do "stop cast" (because there is no ability to play another video on the site within the same casting session, which you can do with googlecast) then go to play another video, its basically a diceroll if it will play the video or try buffering for 90 years requiring me to pause and unpause a bunch of times, or restart the cast. There have also been a dozen or so cases when trying to cast is so broken that the chromecast doesnt recognize the video as a valid format, and yes ive verified its not me, ive tried it on 3 android devices and with 3 different chromecasts of different models (2 of 1 and 1 of 1), to be fair these seem to have been fixed since. So my question is will the floatplane club be using the same dodgey implementation, i watch lots of videos from bed or my couch using chromecasts.
  7. Adama

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    Yea lets just ignore the fact that the whole reason is a hardware flaw
  8. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Identical to what? The 1600x, it has half the threads and is worse then the 1600x in multi threaded loads(and cost more), you realize the 8600k is only 6c6t not 12t, if i was looking at a 500 dollar build that was a pure gaming machine ide get the 8600k, if it was available, neweeg is sold out, amazon doesnt have their preorders yet, only 1 place online has them avaiable for preorder. Its prety hard to find the 8600k in the us atm.
  9. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Sorry i was thinking of the 8700k, still im not looking for a cpu lacking HT.
  10. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    I have a reason for the budget i have, even if i wait another year ide only invest the same ammount as now, maybe 50 dollars more maybe 50 less.
  11. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Not gonna drop 540 dollars on just a cpu in a 1070 machine, coffee lake is a joke anyway, i only paid 250 bucks for my 3570k and i onoy paid 488 dollars on my 1070, an upgrade to coffe lake would cost nearly a grand.
  12. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Because i want to upgrade, i want more cores, while gaming is what i do mostly i also stream and do blender work, that why im not looking at 7th gen intel stuff, and the only drop in upgrade for my board is a 3770k, which is only 4 more threads and at 120 dollars is an awful value, ide rather spend that money on another ssd (i already have ssds, im not looking to add more storage though as i already have 1tb of ssd storage and 10tb of platter drives), plus getting a drop in m.2 card doesnt magically add nvme support to my board, and im not look for bottom of the barrel chinese drop in cards either, im looking to invest as much into the cpu and mobo side of my build as i did my gpu about 5 months ago, im not just looking at the new tech side but it is a big factor, im look at core and thread counts as well, which is why i asked if i should just what for whatever comes after coffee lake.
  13. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Hmm ur right, point still stands though price is the same so not really worth mentioning.
  14. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    Quad channel memory. 4x4 costs the same as 2x8
  15. Adama

    500 dollars to upgrade rig

    A m.2 pcie card and a usb 3.1 card cost more then 50 dollars, each.