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    Building PC's, music, and engineering.


  • CPU
    Intel i7 7700K (4.8Ghz at 1.2V)
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z270 FTW
  • RAM
    32GB Gskill DDR4 at (4x8, 2.4Ghz at 1.5V)
  • GPU
    2x EVGA GTX 180 SC2
  • Case
    EVGA DG-86
  • Storage
    1 Samsung 500GB 850 Evo, 2 4TB Seagate HDD, 1 1TB Seagate HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 750 G2
  • Display(s)
    3x Asus 24' 1080p 60Hz 2ms (Nvidia Surround)
  • Cooling
    Corsair h100i v2
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Mouse
    EVGA Torq 10X
  • Sound
    7.1 audio (Creative Xf-Ti Titanium)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 OEM

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  1. TechSwagPimp1337

    Windows 10 Fall 2018 issues with Nvidia Drivers

    This is a strange issue I had when I upgraded to the RTX 2080. I hadn't updated to the Fall 2018 creator's update (for obvious reasons) when I put my new 2080 in. I updated the Nvidia drivers perfectly fine, but Origin told me that I needed the Fall update to play with ray-tracing (the only reason I ponied up for the 2080). So I updated Windows, and the card worked fine, and even though ray tracing isn't too amazing, I was happy. But when Nvidia released their newest driver on 2/13, I could not update the driver. I did DDU in safe mode, but I was not able to install any driver (even as far back as the early 4xx.xx versions). So, I rolled back the update, and the newest GPU driver installed just fine. So now, I'm pretty sure that I'll have to update Windows to the Fall 2018 to use ray tracing, and then rollback to u[date the GPU driver. Super inconvenient. Just a tidbit in case someone else had the same issue.
  2. TechSwagPimp1337

    50% GPU Usage - Low FPS

    I would check GPU temps. Maybe the fan over the vcore is out. Also, if you're tech savvy, you may want to try applying better thermal paste. If that doesn't work, you may try reflashing the GPU bios if ASUS makes them available to the public.
  3. TechSwagPimp1337

    RTX 2060 Announced

    I'm watching on Facebook live.
  4. TechSwagPimp1337

    RTX 2060 Announced

    Nvidia has finally taken the wraps off of the RTX 2060. For just $349, they are advertizing that you will be able to play Battlefield V at medium RTX settings at 1440p at 60fps. The card is said to have 5 gigarays/sec and 6Gb of GDDR6 VRAM. They are also boasting about the high availability of the card.
  5. TechSwagPimp1337


    I’m in que for a setup to a 2080Ti. They said it may be a couple of months. There are some available on NewEgg right now, but at like 2x the price.
  6. TechSwagPimp1337

    Ray Tracing Timeline

    I just finished a conversation with a customer support representative at a board partner with Nvidia. I am eligible for an upgrade from my 1080 (full MSRP refund) to either the GTX 1080Ti or RTX 2080, and both would end up costing me about $200. I asked him about the performance difference, and he said that they were essentially the same. I then asked whether he recommended having a higher frame buffer (1080 Ti), or having the Ray Tracing option. They then told me that Ray Tracing wouldn't really be properly implemented into games for about a year. So if you're paying for the card outright, wait. If you can upgrade for cheap, go for it. My recommendation is the same as Linus's. "It depends".
  7. TechSwagPimp1337

    Nvidia Misleading Consumers

    The VRAM on the 2070 is 8Gb. The VRAM on the 2080Ti is 11Gb. It is a blatant case of false advertizing.
  8. TechSwagPimp1337

    Nvidia Misleading Consumers

    Frame buffer and VRAM are the same thing. They said memory, but everyone who sees that assumes VRAM.
  9. TechSwagPimp1337

    Nvidia Misleading Consumers

    I was browsing Insagram when I saw this. They’re advertizing the 2079, but say 11Gb of frame buffer. I wonder if they could be legally responsible for false advertizing.
  10. TechSwagPimp1337

    Ray Tracing Hype

    I was watching the new Ray Tracing explanation at gamerscon, but it looked kind of familiar. Then it dawned on me that it was almost the same thing as the VXGI demo that came out with Maxwell GPU's. So it seems to me that Ray Tracing is not the first attempt to have more realistic lighting real time. Also, ray tracing may follow PhysX's path, and be such a niche product to implement that only 3 or 4 games will actually have it running well. I'd like to see Turing GPU's performance gain without using ray tracing features over Pascal's. My guess is that it won't be more than 20%.
  11. I bought the Corsair H100i v2 240Mm cooler about 2 years ago. Throughout the two years, through my own ignorance, I wasn't really getting the best out of it. Sometimes, I wouldn't have enough thermal paste or accidental choke one or both of the liquid tubes going between the radiator and heatsink. Recently, I got the thing working flawlessly with the right amount of thermal paste, correct orientation of the fans, and unrestricted flow for the water. I could get a 4.8Ghz overclock with my i7 7700k and only hit around 70 degrees with the H100i, but it was really loud. I also have an EVGA DG-86 case, and I had taken out the two 140Mm fans to have my radiator sit in the front. I took the corsair fans off, and, somewhat unprofessionally, managed to get the 280Mm fan configuration to sit evenly in front of the 240 radiator. I booted my system, and it gets only about 2 degrees higher ambient temperatures, but it's not nearly as loud at achieving it. I ran a Fire Strike physics test with the i7 at a solid 5.0Ghz, and I got a max temp of 81 with the EVGA case fans on full blast sounding no louder than the Corsair fans on idle. I think that I might pick up some EVGA 120 fans off of their website when my next paycheck comes in to get a better fitting setup. I'm pretty surprised by the results, seeing as how the Corsair fans have a max speed of 2400RPM, and the EVGA fans max out around 1500RPM. Granted, the EVGA has a higher CFM than the Corsiar fans. But now, I can game in the 5.0Ghz club and not feel like I'm sitting beside a jet turbine.
  12. TechSwagPimp1337

    Battlefront II (17 vs 05)

    The replay value was extremely high. Also, the modding community has helped it live well beyond it's expiration date. EA took a big dump on everybody and said that they didn't add modding support because people aren't smart enough to use the Frostbite engine right.
  13. TechSwagPimp1337

    Battlefront II (17 vs 05)

    The new Battlefront II is pay to win scaled up to a ridiculous degree. It costs $80. No one should support it. On the other hand, the legacy version has been given multiplayer support, and everyone starts the round with the same exact base weapons and has the ability to upgrade through their classes required skill, like headshots or slices. It costs around $5 or 10 on Steam. Can someone help me make a decision on which to buy for Christmas?
  14. TechSwagPimp1337

    Phone Cooling

    It's there.
  15. TechSwagPimp1337

    Phone Cooling

    I did the API overhead test for iOS on an iPhone 6s regular (Due to the larger screen and higher resolution, the 6s plus actually performs a little under the 6s with the same specs). I did one run of the OpenGL ES 3.0 with the phone on the table, and another with the top of the phone (Where the CPU is located) on the radiator. Without cooling, the phone scored 198,621, and with cooling, the phone scored 205,714. That's about a 3.6% increase in performance. Keep in mind that in Lifeproof cases where the phone can't breathe at all, CPU throttling is probably higher.