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  1. Last Christmas I built a new computer but decided to reuse my old graphics card and upgrade down the line. So the current specs are Ryzen 7 3800X 32G DDR4 memory AMD RX 480 Graphics card 4gb TUF Motherboard 750 Watt PSW I did some research and found if I bought a second rx 480 and crossfired them in most games and editing software I would get almost the performance of a 1080 ti. Since this would cost only $100 used I thought it might be a better option that dishing out 380-500 bucks on a 5700 XT or 2070 super. I know the disadvantages of heat and power consumption could be a problem but is there anything else I should take into consideration? I'm trying to save money and the best options look like Second rx 480 for $80-100 5700 XT for $380 plus tax 2070 super for around $500 I currently play at 1080p 144hz the following games Overwatch high settings League of legends. max settings Call of duty Warzone. Medium settings Rocket League. Max settings Side VR games with the OG Vive Superhot vr Beat saber VR poker I also video edit with Premiere Pro at 4k 60fps Let me know your suggestions!! Thank you