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    Hardware Motherboard: ASRock - Z77 Pro4-M CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E31245 @ 3.30GHz CPU cooler: Intel Stock GPU: None RAM: 24GB Random DDR3 1066MHz PSU: Unknown 750W Gold Boot drive: Random 16gb Flash Drive Storage drives: 2x4TB Seagate NAS Storage drives: 10x8TB WD Easystores Storage drive: 1x10TB WD Easystores Cache drive: 1x512TB Crucial SSD Case: Rosewell 12 bay hot swap + Unknown Max ATX Case Total capacity: 98TB (raw), 80TB useable, Score: 80 * ln (13) = 205.195948597 Software and Configuration: Running unRAID for 4 years now. Moved from ubtuntu RAID 5 and never looked back (only x3 4TB drives then). WD drives are in a rosewell 4U case with the rest of the main hardware, then using external SAS expansion cables and card to extend to a case I got in trade for light IT work that has 10 front 5.25" bays which I put hot swap bays in. Makes me a little nervous but for now it will work. Usage: Personal/Friends NAS, web server, Media Storage, PLEX, Docker Host. 8382 Movies, 56345 Episodes It is an addiction, and I need to find a cheaper source of drives (best buy easystores so far). Sits in my server room (read: laundry room) on a spare bar stool which has my linux sandbox and router (thinkpad T60) on the lower foot stools. Backup: Backing up to GDrive, 12/80TB so far. Maybe in a few years it will be done. Photos: