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  1. I don't think Burn in will play a factor since i use the tv 95-99% after work which for me is midnight etc. for a couple of hours
  2. This looks nice but there are no real reviews on amazon
  3. any particular model in mind ? ( Distance from the sofa is 2.9m or 9.5 feet)
  4. Hello . I am looking to essentially buy my first major TV. I use at the moment a really old 40ish inch tv i got as a gift 5 years ago . So my needs for the tv . 1. Series / Movies 2. Nintendo switch gaming The time i am using the TV is 95% in the night with no lights in the room , and 5% mid day also with minimal lightning please take that to consideration . Also i won't be needing any future proofing etc. My budget since i am from Germany Is 700-2100 euros around there . The sites which you could possibly search are https://amazon.de/ and https://www.idealo.de/ Thanks in advance .
  5. Core 0 4.5 Core 1 4.5 Core 2-3 are at 4.3 1.2500
  6. is my overclock etc ok or should i try to push it more
  7. i think the engine of the game is very cpu intensive . i dont know if the the resolution change will help and i have about 8000 hours clocked on that resolution so it will be a hell of a change for me
  8. i have 4.5 on core 0 and core 1 the rest is 4.3 . i tried to sync all cores and it just crashes after 2 mins .is this ok ? should i change something
  9. yes it might have gone bad but i think in general the temps are not that crazy just the fans are way too loud
  10. PSU is rm850x Ram speeds i will check and update you right away. this is my pc when i am in game no stream nothing . There are moments where i hit the 240-300fps on 1280x960 but it doesnt last long also i think my fans are on 100% speed cause everytime i am in game it makes a hell of noise
  11. i forgot to say i am not playing on 1080p . My resolution is 1280x960 in game Motherboard is the Asus maximus vii hero cpu cooler is the h100i i am not experienced with overclocking though if i remember correctly some dude made an overclock through the rog software when i first got the pc 5 years ago
  12. Hi i am currently looking to upgrade my current computer since i need more things out of it . I am currently playing competitive csgo and streaming on the side a few days per week . Since i am playing on 240hz i need to have to get minimum 300fps constant since there are many factors that can impact my performance (smokes in the game and other things ) . So i am currently playing on a i7 4790k and a rtx 2080 from asus . i usually get around 200 fps since csgo is a VERY cpu heavy game . It is especially bad when i stream since it stutters etc. I thought of changing : 1. CPU 2. MOBO 3. PSU 4. Ram 5. Case My budget is fluctuating from 900-1300 euros for all . I am open to any suggestion (heard new cpu's are coming out? ) . I am looking to upgrade next month if it helps .Thanks in advance
  13. This looks like a really solid build man wow. Thank you for your time.