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  1. I only put a gtx 1070 and a M.2 Nvme ssd.
  2. You said is right. When I play games, FPS is Good. I just wanna know what the reason is and try some ways to solve it. Thank you
  3. I tried to take card out and put in. And when i going to the system, GPU-Z still show PCI-E 3.0 X8. Can this problem caused by PCIE SLOT broken?
  4. I have checked bios settings, the option called “hyper kit” is already turned off.
  5. I have read the MB manual , it only says when u use M.2, one SATA connector will be invalid.
  6. 2 days before, i got a Z170 motherboard <ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII RANGER> And now my GPU GTX 1070 is running at PCI-E 3.0 X8 speed on this board. I dont know why. I tried to run Render Test, but it still running at PCI-E 3.0 X8. And i have checked bios settings, only can change pcie gen1/2/3. This matherboard only have one M.2 slot, and i put a WD SN500 NVME drive in it. idk if it will change the PCI-E Slot Speed to X8. Hope somebody can help me. Sorry for my poor english,
  7. OKay, i also looked fractal desgin Meshify C but i dont know what‘s the HDD case it use. I have asked my friend, he told me that maybe is the hard drive(WD10EXEZ) problem, he said Seagate HDD seems didnt have the problem.
  8. I think ur solution is good, so i think i need to find some cotton and cut like ur pic. By the way, ur case is NZXT S340 ELITE? Im thinking if it doesnt work, i will buy a new case, maybe NZXT S340, hope it doesnt has the same problem. And thank u a lot! Yah, but my 1T WD BLUE Hard Driver is almost full, only 60G left. So i wont RMA my HDD (transfer datas is too inconvenient and the dealer probably wouldnt accepct this RMA order), i think use some cotton like WoodenMaker's picture may solve this problem but im worring about the heat from HDD... So im also looking for some New Case which doesnt have the same problem, can u recommend some for me? Really thank you.
  9. OKay, but this case is very small...All the other position i have tried before, but not work.
  10. I tried to move the the hard drive to a different location, but it not works. And this case cant use any other 3.5mm Hard Drive holder...even phanteks's :(
  11. Really need help from u guys. My Phanteks P300 case has already shaked a long time cause the HDD (WD10EZEX) 1TB. Im really worried about the tempered glass will be broken. And the vibration is trans to the table, i even cant use mouse and keyboard. My English is not very well, but i really need help. Thanks a lot.