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  1. Do a vid on Minimum Requirements and Recommended Requirements on games. and bust the myth on game/hardware developers wanting you to buy new products every time a new game comes out
  2. just a quick update! When to my local computer store brought my pc and asked them whats wrong with it, wondering if the 1050 ti actually works or not. Change the PSU and it worked fine. so in conclusion, Don't trust parts that isn't a mainstream Brand. My old PSU stated it was 500w but couldn't even withstand it.Got a Corsair CX5500M as a replacement. so for first time pc bulider always buy part that is from a reputable brand, and having a 3 years warranty doesn't hurt too! thanks !
  3. ok just got the gtx 1050 ti. looked on the internet, recommended to use DDU to uninstall the old AMD drivers. Booted to safe mode, chose clean and shutdown. opened computer, installed the new gpu. check if Gpu fan is on. and its running. cpu fan is running. good. looked towards the monitor and nothing.just glorious blackness. waited a few minutes and still nothing. checked made sure is monitor source is HDMI. and made sure HDMI is plugged into the new gpu. still nothing.. reinstall my old gpu and monitor works fine. Help?
  4. no prob thanks for teaching me something new!
  5. ohhhhh. lol that was a failed moment for me. hmm im posting this from my ph. so i could find the" tx" button u mention.
  6. hey thanks for the quick reply! yeah my psu is 6pin and 8 pin ready. but the problem is the case not much wiggle roomfor the card with dual fans length wise to fit. but thanks !
  7. opps i apologise! didnt think about the time difference. off u go back to sleep. read this again when u wake up with a coffee in hand!??
  8. was watching the news here in indonesia. hope forum members in texas are ok. and if ur ok. how was it? would be interested on reading ur experience.
  9. hey guys! a newbie on this forum and a newbie on pc in general. so forgive me if i ask a stupid question. well after reading the "before you post" thread i'll give this a go. i live in jakarta, indonesia. prices for computer parts arent cheap without big online shops like amazon or newegg to buy from. ( u can buy from it but the shipping bill is gonna cost u a left nut if you were to ship them from the states. so parts are quite limited to shop selling limited quantities and trustworthy genuine parts are a threat too. i mostly use this computer for watching linus on youtube, news,netflix and casual gaming. i run a 32" samsung monitor. i have: i3 4310 cpu socket 1150 asrock h85m-hds mobo vgen ddr3 2x 4gb ram r7 260 gpu windows 10 64bit sliverstone sst-st50f-es 500w psu the question is that i was thinking of upgrading my cpu to a i5 4590 and a gtx 1050ti just wondering since buliding a pc with a budget is always fun( warning sacasm alert) which should i upgrade first? and maybe perhaps a comment of the current overall bulid itself? is my current psu able to withstand the upgrade? my target is to able to play current popular games like overwatch, battleground player unknown etc and a higher "quality of life" whenever i use my pc that utilise my current native monitor resolution of 1920x1080 60hz by the by, i have a mid tower case and think of getting the zotec 1050ti single fan 4g card as with the current case i dont think i'll be able to run dual fans (length wise) thanks for sparing ur time and reading this! peace!