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  1. TacticalL0tion

    Nvidia announces Ray Tracing on 10 series GPUs

    Thank you, will delete this thread in a moment
  2. Is there anyway to get an accurate sketchup of a motherboard with the same form factor that you're using, overlay it onto your design to trace out the standoff holes? Rear IO you'd probably be best using a standard rectangle cut out, and putting the IO shield in
  3. https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/nvidia-ray-tracing-pascal-3679638/amp I see this as both good, and bad news for team green. Good in the sense that there will be a much larger market for companies to put ray tracing in games as the current library is all of 2 games (Battlefield V, Metro Exodus) Bad in the sense that, people who ran out to buy RTX cards on the basis of ray tracing are likely to be pissed at the fact their special feature is no longer locked to RTX cards
  4. TacticalL0tion

    This is just bad parenting, not the games fault

    My parents said similar to yourself, it's part of being a parent. You can't always be the good guy, and let them do what they want. And was also reminded of the time I binged Halo 3 for a whole weekend, and refused to go to school on the Monday which led to my mum taking away my Xbox for an entire month. I was pissed, and threw a massive tantrum about it, but hell I realised too much of something can be bad. Not to say I didn't binge play again, but I never refused to go to school because I wanted to play games, or because I'd decided to stay up late playing because fuck I didn't want to loose my Xbox again
  5. So I'm not exactly old being only 22, regardless of the fact I feel like a 90 year old on dialysis... But I remember growing up in the wave of consoles, from the N64 to XB360 during which time I was a kid, and being a kid was a bit of a dick for my parents to look after. But I always had a console, and would play games whenever I could thus my parents decided to start limiting my time on my consoles until I was older, and was dumb enough to be accountable for my own mistakes. If I didn't want to come of my console my parents took that shit away, no matter how much I screamed or tantrumed about it, it was taken away, I wasn't allowed it again for a day or two. End of story. So this article about a 9y/o addicted to Fortnite, to me personally sounds more like shitty parenting rather than an addictive game. If she had been told NO, like some of us where, like a parent should do when their child is a little shit, she would probably have never had this sort of thing happen I would just like to hear some other opinions about this article, and the whole video game addiction situation that is now starting to become a thing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5826465/Girl-nine-rehab-addicted-Fortnite-video-game-wet-herself.html