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  1. well ok ill wait for it to see i still didnt buy any parts so the motherboard isnt a problem right now
  2. is coffee lake the next gen of intel's proc ???
  3. well where i live everything is overpriced so i think 800$ fyi: gtx1060 6gb is 400$ here and im going with it
  4. which i5 should i go for without breaking the bank
  5. so i was going to pick a ryzen 5 1600 but i just saw that if i only want gaming i should go with intel is that right or should i just pick up ryzen
  6. dammit well sorry about that i just googled it and some people said to factory reset the modem i dont know if it will work or not anyway sorry
  7. yeah then try what i said earlier turn off the computer turn off the modem for a few seconds turn it on turn on the computer and see if it works hope it does i mean it worked for us
  8. if u share ur mobile connection threw wifi or cable to that computer does the internet work on it
  9. before u do anything if u sharw u 4g from ur phone to that computer does the internet work or not
  10. i said the 1050ti because of the 4gb vram i know that vram alone doesnt mean which ones better but for now gta v on high settings eats up 2.5gb of vram so the upcoming triple a games will suffer with the 3 gb 1060 (i think not sure thats why im asking) and i heard the ryzen overheats i mean i appreciatw the 4 cores 8 threads but its already hot here in the summer so is it true ??
  11. i was an intern in a company and 2 pc's had the same problem we had to turn off the main router for a few seconds turns out it didnt give the pc's the address threw cable