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  1. I've just read it. I'm interested to see how it will continue from now on.
  2. Why not? Did they tell you or do they simply think that everything is alright with it?
  3. Unfortunately I don't .
  4. Thanks for the help. Atleast now I know it probaly has something to do with the motherboard.
  5. I couldn't find the power switch so I tried to turn on th emotherboard with a screw driver like this: The same thing happened just like when I tried to turn on the pc with the button on the pc case. The fans started spinning for a split second and then they turned off.
  6. Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3. Thanks I will check the user manual.
  7. No. What Power switch are you talking about?
  8. My pc was has been working just fine until yesterday when I couldn't turn it on. The fans (including the psu fan) would start spinning for a split second and stop right afterwards. So then I took out all the hard drives and plugged them into my second pc. They are all working fine. Then I took out the power supply and tested it using the paper clip methord. The psu fan turned on and continued spinning until I turned it off. I also checked the voltages with a digital multimeter and everything seemed fine. Then I plugged the PSU back into the PC and the same thing happened as yesterday. Then I unplugged the PSU and tested it with a paper clip and digital multimeter again and everything worked just fine. So at this point I don't even know what to do.
  9. I spend alot of time behind computer and because of that my eyes hurt alot so I thought that getting gaming glasses might be worth it. Are they really worth it? I would also like to know if I could wear them over regular glasses. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have 2 drives, 1 for the OS and the other one for data/programs. I would like to store programs on the other drive but I don't know how. Thanks in advance.
  11. Old but gold https://youtu.be/JzIK5FaC38w