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  1. Good summary video for those that don't want to read through everything. Includes Skype conversation with Pitaka CEO.
  2. Unbox Therapy used to be one of my favorite Tech Tubers, giving what was oftentimes a first look at new phones on the market and the occasional nifty gadget. But after this? I think it's safe to say Lew has no real integrity.
  3. First, it began with a tweet: Than a video was published to Lew's main channel However, astute observers noticed that this case seemed extremely similar to one previously reviewed by Lew, the Pitaka Aramid case. That video has since been taken down from Unbox Therapy's channel. You can see the impact on his Socialblade page here. Pitaka themselves, also noticed, issuing a statement on the Unbox Therapy case design. (https://www.ipitaka.com/blogs/news/statement-on-the-unbox-therapy-phone-case-yes-it-is-a-copycat) <Removed quoted article. Do not just copy and paste entire articles. Link to article is above.>
  4. Nope, still not working Tried on 2 different computers and everything
  5. Anyone else seeing issue w/ processing their payment? Both myself and a friend weren't able to get our orders to go through.
  6. Oh prolly....I dont know how to move the thread or if a mod has to do it. Good to know for next time..
  7. It really is. I'm crying from laughing so hard. I've killed all my friends' iMessage and WhatsApp.
  8. https://9to5mac.com/2018/02/19/teluga-bug-twitter/ iOS does not prompt you to install the update automatically (yet), so there’s a good chance this still affects millions of people’s devices at the moment. I found out out about the bug from this video, then promptly texted my wife and all my iPhone using friends because I’m exactly that kind of idiot. Go to Settings and install the update. Or spam your friends with the character for funzies.
  9. They could have at least given us RGB
  10. WAN show is cancelled. F F F F F F F F F F F