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  1. I have an AMD FX 8350 and I was wondering if I should get the Cooler Master Hyper 612 or the Hyper D92. Help would be appreciated
  2. I was just asking if anyone else got the opportunity to update. Sorry for misunderstanding you
  3. It would be server suicide if Microsoft did it all at once
  4. All of my PC's have just received update packages for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. I am in southern Indiana. I am curious as if anyone else is receiving this now?
  5. Still, you can get some pretty important info from a serial, I don't want that
  6. Refer to the first image as SSD 1 and the second image as SSD 2
  7. I have 3 SSD's I would like to create a spanned volume with. I have 2 480GB SSD's and 1 brand new 128GB SSD. The 2 480GB SSD's are what are worrying me though since I think they have taken a huge beating. Here are some SSD-Z screenshots I have for the 2 SSD's. Should I use these SSD's? Should I keep one out of the array, or are they both close to End of Life?
  8. I have not desposited any money into my Debit card for 5 years, it currently holds 4.02$ Anyone have any recommendations on storing 55 thousand dollars efficiently?
  9. That is what I thought, I don't have more than 4$ on my debit card because I keep my savings in cash, I have not deposited in 5 years I just have room for 55 thousand dollars in my house
  10. I only have 4 dollars in the bank... I'll just get a LGA 775 Pentium, overclock it, and call it a Core 2 Quad
  11. Alright, I'll just buy a cheap LGA 775 Pentium...