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    Baskets are like portable closets.
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    Intel Pentium III 3 600EB
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    MSI MS-6368 v2.1
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    256MB PC133 RAM
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    ATI Rage 128 Ultra
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    80GB Hitachi 5400RPM IDE HDD
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  1. My 2080's been doing 1.7M for the last few workloads. Just moved up the temp/power limit sliders.
  2. New power settled in nicely.
  3. King Poet

    AIO Water cooler for my graphics card?

    That's not an AIO, that's a full loop. Try something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Kraken-Matte-Cooling-Black-RL-KRG12-B1/dp/B06ZYHRMYP
  4. Mmmm new cables.



    1. TopHatProductions115


      Ooo - more stuff to play with (for you, that is). What's new? What audio goodies did you get this time?

    2. savagepain


      those are nice i like the blue (probably cause teal is my fav)  ^-^

    3. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      Would this be that cable you were saying fell out of the 650s?

  5. No, it just reports strangely in this client. It's doing 1.4M on this WU.
  6. Expanded the folding farm again.
  7. King Poet

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    The original numlock mappings were strange. I redid them.
  8. King Poet

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    Thanks! Thank you! Vortex Vibe
  9. King Poet

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    Build Photos:
  10. King Poet

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950X 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor Cooler: Noctua - NH-U9 TR4-SP3 CPU Fan: 2x Noctua - NF-B9 redux-1600 PWM Motherboard: ASRock - X399M Taichi Micro ATX Memory: G.Skill - Trident Z 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Storage: Samsung - 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 Video Card: Asus - GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB Case: Corsair - Crystal 280X MicroATX Mid Tower Power Supply: Corsair HX1000i 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Case Fan: 6x Noctua - NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM @CableMod PRO ModMesh C-Series AXi, HXi & RM Cable Kit (Black/White Vortex Vibe Chery MX Blue I put this together to add to my Folding@Home power for LTT's Folding Month. It consists of a CPU and GPUs I already had. After I posted some early photos on Reddit, someone contacted me wanting to trade my 2x GTX 1080s for an unopened 2080. This was ideal since it's more PPD than both cards while drawing less power. In the dual 1080 form, GPU temps were around 79 and 83 degrees for the hotter card. This is fine since all it does it sit there and run Folding@Home. Things I loved about the build: Dual chamber cases are just a joy to build in. There are SO MANY tie down points in the back and room to run everything. Makes the fact that the board is larger than most mATX boards not really a big deal. This board really makes use of the extra space. Plenty of fan headers in convenient spots. No RGB light show to upstage the components. I like a good RGB build, but sometimes you just want to admire the components. Really enjoyed focusing more on the aesthetics of the components than lights. Challenges: This board is big! It covers almost all of the grommet holes. This made it so that I needed to be very careful when running things. A lot of cables needed to be run underneath the board, so it wasn't screwed in until I was confident about the position of everything. All in all, it was pretty easy, but still a fun challenge to route everything. I had to order a whole bunch of fans to get them all the same color. Didn't realize there was so much variation among the Noctua Redux fans. Some were REALLY dark and almost green. All in all this build was a breeze. Really like the Asus OC card. No LEDs at all and it's got an interesting pattern on the backplate. It's odd that it's so thick, but skinnier width wise than the STRIX cards. Guess it made sense tooling wise. This PC generates almost 2 Million PPD in folding GPU+CPU. I'll let it fold through the winter, then repurposed it. Plenty of power to do anything else I may need later on.
  11. Traded my 2x GTX 1080s for 1x 2080. Same PPD, less heat, less power consumption. 👌




    The backplate matches the @CableMod Pro cables nicely. 

    Everyone should buy @CableMod cables.

    I am totally not the Unofficial Senior VP of Marketing at @CableMod.

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    2. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Damn RTX cards be thicc... apparently it's the actual RT part of it that adds all the extra heat? 

    3. King Poet

      King Poet

      It's skinny the other way though. It bothers me.

    4. Spotty
  12. King Poet

    Fulla 2 or Fiio Q1 Mark II

    Power. It sounds fine, just quiet for my tastes.
  13. King Poet

    Fulla 2 or Fiio Q1 Mark II

    I'd say the Nano iDSD Black Label would do the job nicely at $200. I have the Fiio and it is rather weak.