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  1. And now we conclude. It's been fun LTT! The $25 eBay Gift Card winner is:




    Apologies if I typo'd your name. @Damascus

    I'll send it to you via Discord.


    Speaking of Discord, if you'd like to maintain contact, feel free to join my server. I won't be on super frequently for the next two months, but I'll be sure to check it.



    –Densetsu/Legendarypoet signing off.

  2. Woohoo! I can auto focus again!




    My last ever image here. -_-

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    2. TheClueLessMajority
    3. 8uhbbhu8


      Nuuuuu :) RIP a great person

    4. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      I need those quarters, please send

  3. Hey! Why'd you remove your profile picture?

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    2. Densetsu


      That seems like self-torture.

    3. TheClueLessMajority


      I was looking for something. . .


      looking back it was hilarious though.

    4. BlueChinchillaEatingDorito


      @ARikozuM cause our newest mod has gone rogue with his reputation farming. *wink wink nudge nudge* 

  4. One of these 100mm L Macros is a $1,000 paperweight.



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    2. Densetsu


      I have 7 lenses personally, and 47 at the office. Though a bunch are obviously dupes.

    3. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      like sigma lenses or like Canion lol?

    4. Densetsu


      Canon. Though I did just buy two Sigma art lenses for field testing. They seem promising. I like the 105.

  5. Come on! 4.5hrs.... you can do it! Get Mythic!

  6. Is it to late to challenge you to a Pictures of old vehicles competition?

    1. Densetsu


      Probably. I won't be home until late.

    2. TheClueLessMajority


      I can't find the picture I was going to use as my entry. . .

  7. It's funny, I had originally only joined as a means to keep a build log since it was a pain to update PC Part Picker and a few people were interested in my performance numbers with the 1950X. It was the easiest way to share it. I thought it was going to be as toxic as the YouTube comment section. Glad I was wrong(ish) about that. Funny how the majority of active users don't watch the content anymore. The staff is also far less power trippy than some other places I've been. You guys generally seem to care about just keeping toxicity levels at a minimum. The status update crew is really what kept me coming here. You guys are awesome. Glad most of you made it over to my Discord server. My overall online presence will be diminished after today, but I'll be checking that when I can.


    tl;dr: random ramblings, no need to actually read it.

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    2. TheClueLessMajority


      @techstorm970 I joined, I don't really know what it is. . .   seems to be a chat room service, with "friends" and voice chat and stuff. . .

    3. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      I saw the bold before I read, i’m quite tempted to read the ramblings

    4. tmcclelland455
  8. Final reminder for my final giveaway. Winner will be drawn when I get home today: https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/510750-densetsu/?status=194208&type=status


    Join my discord if you wish to keep in touch.


  9. You've got 14 hours to become Mythic.. get on it!

    1. PCGuy_5960


      GIMME all the repz!

    2. Densetsu


      I tried. Too busy now though.

  10. Wasn’t expecting to have to replace this one, but it definitely makes the most money 💵. 0C0133E0-B2B6-4030-95DA-6DC74E7141EF.thumb.jpeg.931016b9a7858fabfa36185ac4c0ecbd.jpeg

    Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro

  11. 5.2GHz daily driver OC w/ a 92mm cooler in a mITX case...  The 8700k has been no joke these last couple of months. 3P7A6571.thumb.jpg.b1542efb95474351dad261a18a1240f1.jpg

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    2. 8uhbbhu8


      lol my 4790k is on a 212 EVO and I have issues past 4.6. :P Need to rearrange my fans for negative airflow as it's mostly positive right now. Had it up to 4.7 with the motherboards OCing tool that you choose a frequency of either 4.5 4.6 or 4.7 and it goes for average settings on voltage and other things to get it stable when i had my aio. I'm sure I could get it past that if I tuned it myself

    3. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      Eh, saw months ago, dont care

    4. Densetsu


      I don't think you understand how don't care works.

  12. Some cool new ltt videos coming soon

    I am also waiting for a delivery.
  13. G10, Turquoise, and KOA Slipjoint.


    1. TheClueLessMajority


      You've made me want to collect knives. . .

    2. Densetsu



  14. Just a little over a day left here. Enter my final giveaway: https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/510750-densetsu/?status=194208&type=status


    Join my discord if you wish to keep in touch.


  15. Fifty Caliber Rainbows


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    2. tmcclelland455
    3. Max_Settings


      @tmcclelland455 That's for when you need to kill an intruder in your neighbor's house through his wall and fridge. 

    4. tmcclelland455


      @Max_Settings and for when you want to absolutely de_stroy your arm for the next week