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    Why see what you can feel?
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  1. Some upgrades for the Bean Canyon NUC.




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    2. savagepain


      any good cheap cameras you can recommend me @Den-Fi.com

    3. Den-Fi.com


      @savagepain What is cheap to you?

    4. savagepain


      i dont need a loan so like max 400 lol @Den-Fi.com

  2. Den-Fi.com

    [Insert Log] NUC "Build"

    Thunderbolt port failed on the old NUC. This one is a Bean Canyon. Intel Core i7-8559U Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 16GB DDR4 2666 (2x 8GB) 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus
  3. I bet most of the people voting don't even watch anymore lol.
  4. Whoohoo! Getting up there!


  5. Coming up on 2 billion point!


  6. Quarter billion away from 2 Billion!
  7. Den-Fi.com

    How well can Threadrippers game?

    Go 9900K for this if you need to build right now and can't wait to see what Zen2 offers. Adobe still has heavy single threaded preference even though they have come a decently long way towards multi-threaded. Quad channel does not really do anything for this. The PC space is one area where you cannot assume more money for higher numbers = better. HEDT is all about compromise. To oversimplify. Mainstream = As Fast as possible (single threaded). HEDT = As much as possible (multi-threaded). As the landscape changes, devs will design around multi-core as they are doing more and more these days, but Adobe is still fairly dependent on single threaded performance.
  8. Den-Fi.com

    How well can Threadrippers game?

    I don't find the 1950 or 2950 to be bad at gaming, but I also don't game a lot. I mainly play GTA V and as long as I'm getting over 100 (usually between 100-120) FPS, I don't complain.
  9. Best Buy is suuuuuuuuuper shady for this one....




    Using the credit card I purchased a laptop with to sign me up for a Webroot subscription I specifically declined at the counter...

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    2. flibberdipper


      Yep, typical BB to me. The retards couldn't be bothered to transfer all my grandmas shit from her desktop to laptop (half the programs were "too old" and would "corrupt Windows" as well as them just coping about half of her documents and the sort to an external and expecting her to know how to get it on the laptop.


      Best part is that they took the HDD out of the desktop and had started recycling it even though my grandma told them not to.

    3. fantasia.


      wow now I really want to work at the bowling alley

    4. pinksnowbirdie


      @fantasia. Best Buy really isn't that bad.


      It depends on your store, but mine at least. We try our best to create an experience and a solution if someone needs help solving an issue otherwise. We try to be as helpful if there's not so much an issue that needs solving but rather just something you wanted to try but wanted some input on.

  10. Den-Fi.com

    Dark Theme or Light Theme

    You're the only one legally allowed to use light themes since it's your verified aesthetic. Everyone else can burn though.
  11. Shameless plug is shameless. https://builds.gg/builds/noc-noc-whos-there-17063




    Danny will come for you if you don't vote for him.

  12. Yep... that pfp still freaks me out.

  13. “5Ge” nonsense. 



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    2. DrMacintosh


      Hence why Modem speeds are marketing BS. Your physical location is the biggest factor in how fast your data is. 

    3. BuckGup


      Lol that's not BS as the speed is offered. The issue is later versions of LTE are faster than new 5G so there are going to be a few years of devices containing 5G and 4G chips otherwise you would get terrible coverage

    4. Schnoz


      I get the "E" symbol on my Mate 9 when I'm on 2G...

  14. Den-Fi.com

    R7 1700 GTX 1660 TI

    Changing your argument after you were wrong is how you win on the internet.
  15. It is truly amazing to see someone make thread asking for help on the most basic things, then turning around and "helping" other people with the worst possible advice. Sigh... #GetRigged


    Unrelated @[REDACTED] cat pic:


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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      I still am reminded of some of the things I first asked, but I try not to dwell on it. . .



      Because that makes me realize I might not have learned very much. . .


    3. Den-Fi.com



      This is the kind of disturbing behavior I mean. Hijacking someone else's thread so that you can ask questions about a cooler you have no experience with so that you can blindly recommend it to someone else based on none  of your own info. 🤔

    4. [REDACTED]


      Ah the bezels on that old laptop and the days of Windows.... oh memories