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  1. No one's going to buy it because it doesn't have RTX. Nice try though AMD. Nice try.
  2. Bluetooth Mech Giveaway for status-dwellers Part XIV.





    Prize: LeaningTech LTC K61 MX Brown Switches - Bought forever ago. Used for like 8 mins. Hated not having dedicated arrow keys and disliked brown switches. (G, H, and L caps only removed to show switches). No MicroUSB cable or box will be included.


    Eligibility Requirements: Human (or programed to display human-like behaviors).



    Member for at least 30 days, content count of at least 50.

    Posting more than 1 reply will disqualify you. Even if you hide it.

    Do not edit your comment. This makes it difficult to tell who read the rules correctly the first time and you will be DQ'd.

    Must be willing to endure all the notifications that go with entering.

    Staff can enter for someone else if you're willing to take the notification bullet.

    Users outside of North America can enter for someone else if you're willing to take the notification bullet.


    How to enter:


    Just post 1 comment of any kind on this status (literally posting "1 comment of any kind" is not a rule, even though I understand why you could think I would be that evil.)


    Giveaway will be closed Thursday whenever you see it get locked.


    Keyboard will be shipped to my winner at my expense. North America only since it isn't worth shipping overseas.

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    2. Den-Fi


      Amended shipping area to all of North America since it's similar to shipping to Canada cost wise.

    3. Damascus



      Me when I see a mech giveaway 100579400_Screenshot_20190823-131258_MangaRock.jpg.1c629609ddb3f763b387820bd99ad96d.jpg


    4. 8uhbbhu8


      Ooo New giveaway!

  3. Ah. Sounds like it's right up your alley then.
  4. It's nice, but limited in what air coolers you can use. Kind of regret using it since I want to switch back to air, but it is a real looker. Cable management is great and if you're using an AIO or a custom loop, you're good.
  5. Hot Chocolate 2.0 Hot Box Edition:




    Had to get some Chromax covers since that sideways rain storm left some permanent marks on the D15. It was too unsightly for my tastes.

    As I did when I ran two 2.75 cards in this config last Folding Month (which you should totally join, lttstore.com) the top card will be temp limited which keeps it around 77C when folding and is only a hit of 100k or so points out of like 2.4M.

    1. DrMacintosh



    2. Den-Fi


      I might never forgive you for getting that stuck in my head again.

  6. Thanks! Was worth the cable management nightmare.
  7. I have an Asus 2080 Ti OC or something like that. It's 2.7 slot I had to train the cables a bit so that they didn't brush up against the fan. Couldn't really speak to the fitment issues length wise. This card is an inch shorter than yours, so maybe this pic might help.
  8. So many people asked me why I didn't wait for the 3950X....




    This... this is why.....




    The primary market is basically like "3900X? Never heard of it...." and with the ridiculous binning you have to go through to be a 3950X, my hope of getting one any time soon after launch is not high. So my thought process was get the CPU you know you can get, then get the 3950X at some point.

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    2. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Smh my head imagine getting Ryzen instead of an Intel X chipset tho. 😞

      Who wants killer performance at a great price when you can pay around the same for older hardware but it's HEDT? 

    3. Lurick


      @Zando Bob That's just crazy talk!

    4. Den-Fi


      I was quite fond of handing Intel a blank check because it was them or nothing.

      Those were the days....

  9. Yeah, this happens with my non-Pro kit, but I have no experience with the Pro.
  10. I can probably test this since one of my builds uses a C7H and the RAM in question. I'll give it a shot if no one else responds by the time I get home.
  11. How to make it really hard to pirate your music:

    Step 1 - Name your band The Internet.
    Step 2 - Profit?





    This is more tongue in cheek humor than an actual statement since it's still relatively easy to pirate.


    1. FezBoy


      Would it be against CS to post a screenshot from ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓.org?

    2. Den-Fi


      Probably, but see: Spoiler.

    3. FezBoy


      @Den-Fi Yes, I saw.

  12. I used it on my 2GB version for a bit. Really wasn't all that usable. Especially web browsing. Most things were rather sluggish.
  13. For most it's a novelty and they never touch it again after 2 weeks. Though those I've seen that truly use the feature REALLY use it.
  14. Just ask Linus to make stealth underwear. It would match the hoodie.
  15. I just like... don't need the Zenbook Pro Duo.

    But it keeps calling to me in my dreams.


    This is the part where I call on @TVwazhere to tell me I don't need it and shouldn't buy it. 

    But sometimes he betrays me when it's a case. This is not a case.


    Unrelated Tubes:


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    2. Den-Fi


      I think you've seen enough of my statuses to know that doesn't work lol.

    3. lewdicrous


      Yea.. I almost forgot about that for a second.. heh

    4. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Den-Fi Asks himslelf "Do I ready have it?"

      You can see how that ends most of the time.

  16. Ole Spongebob I'm Ready! I'm Ready! lookin' monitors.
  17. I will not let you speak negatively of anything having to do with #CaseDaddy. Not even if you are #CaseDaddy himself! No one reads my profile anyway.
  18. This is TV's official response to everything.
  19. Guys, will this work with my 2080 Ti and 3900X?! URGENT PLZ HELP NOW!!!





    My friend called me because he couldn't reach the company that setup his phone system.
    I get there thinking something's probably unplugged... nope... burning smell... PSU from literal hell lol.
    Had him break out the bill from when the phone system was setup. He was charged $2800 for this PC to run FreePBX.

    They've got some explaining to do.


    I try to not get involved with my friends' companies for this exact reason lol.
    This is what happens when they don't take my advice.


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    2. will4623



    3. Den-Fi


      It would not have been of any use to me.

      I have so many spare SSDs that I use them as packing material.


    4. will4623


      now I just need a reason for you to send me a package.

  20. Yep. Usability and cost/benefit are so closely tied together. Shame too, because it's something I wouldn't feel like doing myself, but would probably buy if the option was there.
  21. It's just one more thing to have to support. I could see the flood of questions/bad reviews/RMAs from people who though it would run on magic and not need to be treated as a separate display. Not saying that's definitely why, but it could a factor.
  22. I mean, it's kind of true lol. F@H rankings are the ultimate pay to "win" lol. Though we all win when less people have Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
  23. Oh shoot! #1! I spent like a week stalking the stats page and totally missed it when it actually happened. HAH!


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    2. BuckGup


      I’m sending a screenshot to his twitter. I’m on to all of you

    3. Den-Fi


      I deny any wrongdoing.

    4. lewdicrous