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  1. My office neighbor across the street came over and asked if I had a minute.

    I went over to his office and he had a Verizon tech waiting there.

    He asks the tech to repeat what he just told him.


    Verizon Tech: I was just telling him he needs to get 5 static IPs because his connection is dropping because he only has 1 IP address and it's overloaded.

    Me (with a super serious face): Oh ok, is it because he needs to split his TCP and UDP packets up so they're not all trying to come down the same pipe? [intentional nonsene]
    Verizon Tech: YES EXACTLY!
    Me: Can you please get your supervisor on the phone. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐



    Another tech came down... The problem was the ONT being dead....



    Unrelated knaf:



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. givingtnt


      Yeah, you really need to get one of those updates that let you intercept the packets so you don't miss any.

    3. FakeNSA


      I know its important because the government told me so!

    4. Windows7ge


      Don't know if his goal was to bump up his sales which I don't know if Verizon techs even get or if he was just an idiot who got the job because a family member or a friend got him in.