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  1. Something I did recently was slip a $190 entry level used T2i w/ crappy kit lens into my camera lineup. One reason was personal curiosity. The other was to see if people who keep crediting my "expensive cameras" as the reason my photos are liked, would notice.





    You really don't need to go out and spend a ton on a camera. Esp if it is not a source of income for you.

    Lighting and skill on the other hand... you need plenty of those.


    The main reasons I always have a modern body are 1. it's a source of income and a write-off. 2. There are so many conveniences I missed while using the T2i. Quality of life is something that cannot be overlooked in a tool. 3. The technology is awesome and I love it. As sensor tech improves, I don't have to be constrained by light but instead, can focus on other things and shoot in worse conditions. 4. Because I want to Den, lol. But you already knew that.


    tl;dr -Get an eye for photography and some experience before you dump a bunch of money into it. I started w/ an XTi and you really don't need to get terribly far from that until you start to factor in other things and it makes sense.

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    2. Den-Fi


      @RorzNZ No no, don't do that. Phone cameras are trash, don't drag those into this conversation.


      @BuckGup Yeah, I have a very one-uppy friend that bought a Hasselblad and not only can he barely use it... everything he takes looks like he took a 2 week course on photography basics. 🙄 He just keeps trying to throw money at it instead of actually improving.

    3. VegetableStu


      question is can phone cameras teach composition 🤔

    4. Den-Fi


      Composing on a phone camera is so wonky and unnatural. I hate it a lot. lol

      Though the best camera is the one you have on you... so sure.

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