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    Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky
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    Icicle Fencing
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    Fragility forces one to focus weakness into strength.
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    Train Pusher


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    RockChip 3288-C Processor
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    Mali T764
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    16 GB eMMC Storage
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    Insignia™ - 19" - 720p - HDTV - LED
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    MANHATTAN 155113 Black USB Wired Standard Enhanced Keyboard
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  1. People who ask for advice, then counter with a terrible alternative, then get mad that you won't endorse this terrible alternative... are annoying.


    Unrelated vegan pig:




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    2. Den-Fi



      Cocaine. Yes, you’ve probably handled drug money. Traces of cocaine can be found on 80% of dollar bills, which have been laced by people rolling up the bills to snort the drug, or from money and coke changing hands during drug deals. And traces of morphine, heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamine have also been found on bills, although not as commonly as cocaine.


    3. Windows7ge


      Related: When someone posts a problem where there's a very fixed number of solutions. You offer one and they get mad because it's expensive, tedious, or time consuming. The next guy comments with the same thing. OP gets mad at them. You try to explain that there's very few if any other alternatives but OP just continues to get angrier and angrier.


      In the ~3.875 years I've been here this has happened more times than I'd like it to have...


      Unrelated: Most people have swear jars. Den-Fi has a temptation pig where in when he loses to himself by buying something shiny & expensive. This is usually the result of someone talking about the item and him catching wind. I wonder what he bought that caused the $10.


      *Imagine Den-Fi's username over Spongebob's face because I can't video edit*


      *Throws another $1 in the pig*


    4. Den-Fi


      There's more $20s in the temptation jar than I care to admit.