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  1. Experimenting with spring swapping has taught me one thing. I actually like my linear switches on the lighter side (for reference 67G is light to me).

    I'm going to try the Tealios with the the 78G Zealio springs, but I wasn't a fan of them @ 150 or even 85G. I think 78G will be nice.

    The Zealio V2s (Tactile) @ 85G are soooooo nice. Really happy with that setup.



    1. seon123


      Why are 150g springs even a thing...

    2. Den-Fi


      I guess to answer people like me that go "I like heavy.... is 150G TOO heavy?"

      I'm often not satisfied by someone else's answer since they don't have my fingers.

      I liked the resistance, but missed the key travel.

    3. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      I can't wait to get my 150g/200g Box Navies done. They exist for those of us that for some goddamn reason can press 3 or 4 Cherry Blacks or 2 Cherry Greens at once without any issue, and typing on individual keys of weight that low is almost painfully easy. @seon123

      That's my take on it, at least, since those are the fingers I have.