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  1. It took a lot of time for me to convince myself I don't need to return this 2nd RAM kit for not matching the other.

    It only shows in certain light... but one kit is lighter than the other.



    In other news, ASUS is escalating my case yet again so that I can finally get some useful documentation for this board. It MIGHT actually do what I want, but there's literally no explanation of some of the settings I think would do it.



    Thank you for the response. My name is Yannick from ASUS Product Support.

    I appreciate you for getting back to us and for additional details that you have provided. Let me further assist you with it.

    Let me collaborate back to our engineers for further checking on the concern and for better resolution. This may take 24 to 48 hours, but once I have further information and come up with a resolution I will promptly inform you.  

    I will definitely provide you an update within the time frame and have a wonderful day. 


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    2. TechyBen


      @TVwazhere I am still confused then. I thought multi gpu support was on it's way out?

    3. Den-Fi


      @TechyBen That's only for SLI in games. There are still a multitude of things that use multiple GPUs like compute and rendering. This build has nothing to do with games other than the benchmarks I ran. 

    4. TVwazhere


      @TechyBen There are many applications that can utilize Multiple GPU's like simulations, rendering and in this case computing scenarios (where the GPU's "fold" a protein simulation) For these instances, you dont need these cards linked, or even for them to be the same card! I have a GTX 907 and a 750ti both folding simultaneously in Project ITNOS (witha 1070ti on the way, dont tell anyone ;) ) .