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Status Updates posted by Den-Fi

  1. Through the rear. 





    Get your mind out of the gutter.


    1. Pascal...


      Are you ram-ing her again ?

    2. Den-Fi


      How else am I supposed to keep her wet?

  2. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I was all excited to do a loop in here, but you can't get it standalone...

    Also, I thought I posted the wrong video because HardwareCanucks changed their logo lol. I kinda hate it.


    @TVwazhere sup?

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    2. TVwazhere


      To an extent, Ithink the bundled AIO and PSU is the right move, becasue they can really nail down tube and cable length, something you cant do with an off the shelf product. Options however, would be good (for example, a 550w or a 750w option depending on your level of build)

    3. Den-Fi


      Yeah, it's perfect as is. I totally get the approach and think it's fantastic. Just saying I want to stick a custom loop into it.

    4. Velcade


      "No CAM Software needed"


      Sign me up!  Case looks great. 

  3. Come on Tom's... Calling one of the best benchmarking channels liars and trolls...



    Their logic is people with a 3700X would never upgrade to a 3900X or 3950X....


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    2. lewdicrous


      I haven't checked the description, but sometimes if people don't want the article to gain views but want people to read it, then they post a link to an archived version.

    3. Den-Fi


      Man, I hope Steve does do one of his fiery videos. Those always produce top level material.

    4. DildorTheDecent


      Tom's has been in the shitter for some time.

  4. TIL you can freely walk in Heaven Benchmark.... neat.

    Never really did more than loop it lol.




    Slightly different angled pic than the previous status:


    1. TopHatProductions115
    2. Pascal...


      loop-idooo !

  5. Up to 17 Noctuas now.




    No real reason why.

    I just... felt like it.

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    2. Den-Fi


      @seon123 It's a safe bet to assume I'm not paying retail for things.

    3. MEC-777



    4. Pascal...


      I'm a fan of Noctua. I will also buy chromax fans for my future build.

  6. Feeling any better?

    1. TVwazhere


      TL;DR, yes.


      The fever finally broke Friday. However at some point I developed either strep throat or tonsillitis (I'm pretty sure it's the latter, as I've had strep multiple times as a kid and this feels different, plus the strep test came back negative) but my tonsils are so swollen that the doctor gave me amoxicillin anyways (or however you spell it) which was a good move cause Im only now fine days later seeing them go down in size. Headache is gone, chills are gone, etc. The Flu is basically done as of late Friday/early Saturday, but my throat is still very swollen (It actually affects my ability to speak) and my nose is still plugged harder than the Hoover Dam, but both with time are getting better. I'm physically weak and lost ten pounds due to not having any real appetite all week, but Today I'm back at work using a computer for more than an hour for the first time in over a week. I'm slower than my normal self, but I'm not really having much issue focusing yet which is a good sign. I personally have not been sick like this in a very long time, I'm not even sure If I've had the flu, ever. At one point Friday night (because nights I would wake up every 90 minutes) I had to look up the ways the Flu kills people because it had been a week of the Flu with seemingly no relief, and it's basically they prevent your lungs from getting air which made me feel better because I was having no problems getting oxygen into my body per-say.


      But yeah, I spent basically the last week in bed, not using my computer, not really watching any programming, just a mucus generating machine for ten days. Time froze for me; Saturday felt like Wednesday to me, and Yesterday didnt even feel like the typical "oh wow I hate that I have to go to work tomorrow". In my brain, we should still be deep into Winter, even though we're starting the transition into Spring soon. It's like I jumped ten days into the future. 

    2. imreloadin


      Yeah people always joke about the flu and "think" they have it...Nope! When you have it you KNOW you have it because it's actually quite terrible.

      I actually had H1N1 back in 2009 and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced. I slept for about 20 hours a day for a few days and there were times I didn't have enough energy to even eat. I had to have my dad help me out of bed and pretty much carry me to the bathroom when I had to piss.


      0/10 would not recommend😶

    3. Den-Fi


      Geez, that sounds violent. 

      Yeah, I haven't been that sick since I was a kid. I used to get bronchitis every few months. 


  7. PrimeNinetyFur™




    Just synthetically abusing the new system lol.

    Gotta make sure it won't fail, even under the very worst circumstances.




    Also topping up the loop. Can't state enough how easy soft tubing makes that process.

    1. BuckGup


      Interesting only 35Ws is lost

  8. 60lbs of power.




    1500 watts.

    My 900 watt was screaming bloody murder under load.

    1. savagepain
    2. Windows7ge


      More partial to the rackmount models myself. They're only 54lbs each. Doesn't help when you have a stack of 3 though.

  9. Added some benchmarks, temps, power consumption figures. If there's anything you want to see, let me know and I'll run it.



  10. Bwahahahaha. An outtake shot from my battery dying mid-shot. It held the shutter open and still managed to record an image.



  11. Full shot w/ the new EVGA bridge.





  12. My brain... it hurts....





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    2. Spotty


      It's a good thing you don't add a third radiator or you'll freeze the water in the loop.

    3. VegetableStu


      too many and you might trip a breaker because the thermal efficiency would mean it'll start venting cold air. just like aircons

    4. Den-Fi


      The most surprising thing was the post having 2 points, which means some other poor soul agrees. 😫





    Just add water...



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    2. BuckGup


      Lemme just say holy god damn and props to AMD coming from the FX series and Opterons 

    3. Den-Fi


      Right?! It's almost stupid how much power you can posses these days.

    4. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      [insert mandatory "UNLIMITED POWEEEER" reference] 

  14. Got a neat little gift from Asus.

    USB Gen 3.2 NVMe drive thingy.

    Cracks me up that it shows up in Aura.



  15. After years of figurative snake oil, an audio company has finally gone and made literal snake oil!




    Bwahahahaha. I love it.

    People will buy it. Chord has a cult following.

    But hey, if they're happier than me, more power to em.

    1. OJTheAviator


      So either they are putting an insulating liquid where there should be conduction, or they are putting a conducting liquid in a connector with (presumably) different connections that should be kept separate. Makes perfect sense...




    2. imreloadin


      And so it is that the most profitable things are not products but human perception.

  16. [braces for brain dead pc part picker comments...]




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    2. Lurick


      Doesn't the water eat up the parts and kill them?

      That's stupid :D



    3. Den-Fi


      Reddit has had the most dumb comments by far lol.

      Edgy "I'm too poor to understand this" memes.

    4. NinJake
  17. Oh he's here @Gegger... he's always here.



  18. The EVGA bridge is a little less ugly than I thought it would be. Only little though. Wanna 3D print my own shell in the near future.
    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      What is your printer?

  19. [scrolling intensifies]


    Build notes are done!



  20. The build log is coming, but... I think I might have over done it on the pics...





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    2. Den-Fi


      Nah, these are photos I've posted before, just in one place.

    3. Windows7ge


      I have found you can connect at least 57 pictures to a single post. It's just cumulatively they have to be under 20MB.


      I can assume your 56 pictures are in the GB range.

    4. Den-Fi


      Nah. We have different limits since I'm a forum contributor.

      I've been posting mass photos for some time now.

  21. @TVwazhere BOY WHERE YOU AT?! Define 7 day!



    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Den-Fi


      The XL is the more interesting one for sure.

    3. TVwazhere


      I just saw that one on their Instagram. 18 hard drives!!! 

    4. PianoPlayer88Key


      I have the R5 now, but it's looking like the 7 XL could be a contender for the case for my next build, probably late 2021 or sometime in 2022. :) (And maybe the 7 XL could be sub-$100-120 on Black Friday then?  Or maybe the 8 will be out then.)


      I just wish the storage layout had a way to do 2 or 3 (or even 4) stacks of HDDs - if you're willing, like me, to use a 1U CPU heatsink (or AIO), and a single-slot vertically mounted GPU (or an APU). :)


  22. This res is so bright. I didn't think I was going to do colored light, but hmmmmmmmmm.



  23. Absolutely love this FLT 360. Lighting it up just made it pop that much more.




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Those'll take a while to bleed out fully.

    3. Spotty


      Why does the top GEFORCE RTX logo light up but not the bottom one?



    4. Den-Fi


      Not light, reflection.

  24. Whew...




    Trying to saturate the loop with heat to see what temps look like.

    Well.. not trying, succeeding.

    Good ole power virus.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spotty


      FPS: 725

      Finally a practical use for SLI RTX 2080 Ti's

    3. BuckGup


      Now Prime95 plus furmark 

    4. Den-Fi


      I have to wait til I can move it or I'll pop a breaker. I have too much going on in the lab right now lol. I have no doubt it will hit 1500 watts lol.

  25. Ok... all sealed up. Taking bets on whether or not it will post.





    I don't think it's going to post.


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    2. Den-Fi


      [I should clarify that I mean there is no reason to in this build. Everything was tested and running before I took the coolers off.]

    3. Windows7ge


      That's generally a good rule of thumb but I can say from experience in years past you can test a system before adding the blocks, add the blocks, then put it back together just to find it doesn't POST.


      Usually that's just a matter of reseating a RAM module or a PCI_e device but it doesn't make it any easier if it's all plumed up and full of liquid.

    4. Den-Fi


      I know, I've done it. I'm sure these are useful tips for many, but I'm alright.

      Not much I haven't dealt with.