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    New Member

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    South Euclid, Ohio
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    Late Night Braille Bingo
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    Why see what you can feel?
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    K9 Travel Agent


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    AMD SEMPRON 2800+ CPU 1.60GHz
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    512MB DDR 400 RAM
  • GPU
    PNY GeForce 6200
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    80GB Hitachi 5400RPM IDE HDD
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    15" Dell 4:3 Monitor
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    MANHATTAN 155113 Black USB Wired Standard Enhanced Keyboard
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    axGear USB Wired Optical Mouse
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    Windows XP SP1

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  1. Den-Fi

    Moderators on the forum

    Easy there kiddo.
  2. Den-Fi

    Moderators on the forum

    You’re assuming my race now?!
  3. Den-Fi

    Moderators on the forum

  4. It's a good thing I didn't cheap out and do the 250GB Evo....


    (That insane # of folders is just how Lightroom does its thing...)

    1. DrMacintosh


      Who needs Lightroom when you have smartHDR? 



    2. Den-Fi



  5. No one needs that much power. You should have just built 2 normal computers.
  6. Every time this tech advances, I just know I'm going to get framed for murder lol....
  7. Den-Fi

    208 ti Aorus - boost question

    Make sure you quote so that people get alerts and know to respond.
  8. Den-Fi

    Kraken x72 lost cables

    Don't see much on their site in the way of spares. I'd suggest using one of their various contact methods to just ask the directly. https://www.nzxt.com/customer-support Worst case, you could use something like this for the USB: https://smile.amazon.com/Duttek-2-Pack-Motherboard-Adapter-Extended/dp/B071W8SH1D/ Not sure if it's mini or micro, but should be easy to find by just searching amazon for "micro (or mini) usb to motherboard header."
  9. Den-Fi

    Should I get an Audio Interface for my ATH-m50x?

    Please do not set someone's expectations so high. You'll end up causing someone to waste money unnecessarily and it is just plain inconsiderate.
  10. Den-Fi

    Should I get an Audio Interface for my ATH-m50x?

    Well.... we tried.
  11. Den-Fi

    Should I get an Audio Interface for my ATH-m50x?

    In a worthwhile headphone, yes. You could have interference from system components or just plain not enough power. Could always go better on a DAC, but yeah.... not much will change with the M50X.
  12. Den-Fi

    Should I get an Audio Interface for my ATH-m50x?

    Those headphones aren't going to benefit much from a DAC/Amp. I'm not a fan of them to begin with, but do understand that some people like them. I will advise you not to spend money trying to get them to sound better though.
  13. That demo reel on your site is nuts!

    Nice work.

    1. FridayVFX


      Hey, thank you!

      It's old as well, I think from 2014 or something like that.

      Again thanks for the compliment though.


  14. Dear AMD,


    RAIDXpert2 is hot garbage.