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    AMD SEMPRON 2800+ CPU 1.60GHz
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    512MB DDR 400 RAM
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    PNY GeForce 6200
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    80GB Hitachi 5400RPM IDE HDD
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    15" Dell 4:3 Monitor
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  1. C A R B O N A U T




    It's a lot darker than the IC pad.

    Does the job well though! Sooooo much cleaned than pasting TR.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Den-Fi


      It performs like a midrange paste. So something like MX-4. If you're constantly going to take the cooler off, it's handy. If it's a one and done thing though.... I would just use paste. Def not worth the cost for one time use.

    3. BuckGup


      I had to repaste 256 EPYC CPUs one day and these would have been a huge time saver

    4. Den-Fi


      You could probably order the stuff in large sheets and just have a punch made to cut them to size.

      @Windows7ge buys the material in bulk and cuts to size.

  2. Not sure what you are asking, but there is a search tool that you can use to compare similar systems to your specs if that is what you mean. https://www.3dmark.com/newsearch
  3. Den-Fi

    New Headphones

    Be careful with that rtings list. There are some truly terrible headphones in their recommendations in both sound and build quality so make sure you get info from multiple sources. Especially avoid the PXC 550. I know myself and @seon123 had units that failed spectacularly.
  4. Den-Fi

    New Headphones

    See how much Sony WH-1000XM3s are where you live.
  5. Purely preference.... you want single color RGB or aRGB?
  6. The more I look at it, the uglier it gets, lol..

    It does okay though. It does 77C under full load, BUT the huge caveat is boosting. It appears like everything looks similar, but I can barely break 14K with PBO enabled.


    This was 17k w/ the Enermax AIO. With it set manually to 4.275, it won't complete a CB pass. That said, it does okay.


    But... it's so ugly.



    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      That clearance between the GPU and the heatsink reminds me of my rig...

    2. Den-Fi


      I did this to punish myself for not picking custom loop parts faster lol.

      It's working. I hate it so much.

    3. lewdicrous


      Looks nice imo, kinda like an engine cover.


      Edit: First thing that came to mind.


  7. So! I thought it would be absolutely hilarious to buy the cheapest, tackiest looky Threadripper cooler on the market. I was not disappointed.





    I have never heard so much plastic creaking in my life.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. You did not let me down Arctic.

    It is also the most fingerprinty plastic I have ever touched.

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Yes, that is my life story lol.

      So I definitely get where you came from with the idea.

    3. Windows7ge


      Is there a space in-between those two fin stacks for another fan?

    4. Den-Fi


      There is a 140mm fan in the center and a 120mm fan on the right. Nothing on the left and no mount for another fan.

  8. I'm using the U12A on a 3950X as of this weekend. It's doing extremely well and you won't have clearance issues.
  9. Going to run my 3970X on air while I wait for Optimus to release their TR4 block.

    Picked the Arctic Freezer 50TR for... Idk I just did. lol




    I refuse to clean up another sizable glob of thermal paste though, so I picked up this Carbonaut pad to solve that problem.

    I've used something like this before w/ the IC pads, but it was more of a pain in the butt lining up two of them than just putting paste on.

    I will go back to paste when I'm ready to do the loop.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Windows7ge


      Fair point you'd be waiting weeks for generic to show up but it has the perk of coming in single large sheets so you can cut it to whatever size you require:




      The performance is right in there with IC Graphite too.

    3. Den-Fi


      Might do that for when I eventually swap my 2950X in to my office computer.

      Got a link to it?

    4. Windows7ge


      Mouser Electronics


      It's been a while because I stocked up on the material but if I recall correctly my last purchase was a 180mm x 180mm sheet. It looks like they're still available for sale. Cost $69.33 for 1 sheet. Do the math in comparison to IC Graphite and you're gonna get a LOT more out of this stuff.

  10. Near silent when doing normal work, a little louder when under full load. Though it'll be the same thing just about if you go with a 240 AIO since it'll still use two fans.
  11. You could always do air. U12A and D15 are more than enough for the 3950X. Then no worries about RGB.
  12. Wendell made me sad....






    Intel Xeon W-3175X ✅ $3,000

    EVGA Dark SR3 ✅ $2,000

    Rosewill 1600W Modular Gaming Power Supply 😢 $129

    Dual 8 Pin PCIe to EPS adapter 😭 $???


    His hysterical laughter at knowing he's causing people physical pain was hilarious though.




    1. Beef Boss
    2. Sauron


      Then again it's a Xeon W build so you may as well laugh. Or cry.

    3. Den-Fi


      I got a kick out of it, so it worked lol. He didn’t make sure to mention the single oopsie replacement you get with that CPU. 

  13. My brain says ZMT soft tubing, but my hear says PETG.... Sigh..... decisions, decisions.



    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Den-Fi
    3. TVwazhere


      Would I really be talking about anything except PC cases and hardware? Come on now...

    4. Den-Fi


      No, I wasn't asking YOU for context. I meant you should have taken my response in context. Which is why there was no question mark lol.