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  1. all are up to date , using gtx 1070 and i5 6402p . i never face this problem before
  2. i dont know what is this problem but it happen also other application . it happens when i move moust ot white area in that application
  3. problem started again sometimes double click sometimes not
  4. they not release new version of driver and current driver started problem even i reinstall
  5. without motherboard manufracture website where to download realtek audio driver ? msi z170a m5 is my motherboard from motherboard specs Audio• Realtek® ALC1150 Codec- 7.1-Channel High Definition Audio- Supports S/PDIF output
  6. its working fine now after i switch mouse memory mode in g hub and report rate set to 1000 , its working for now , if problem came again can i message to you ?
  7. i turn on mouse memory mode now problem solved and remove g hub in task manager but i use mouse test it saye fast double click 1
  8. reinstall but still double clicked
  9. i think i only install g hub software , how to reinstall driver , no driver in device manager
  10. i reinstall my software but still no fix , software updates are up to date
  11. i have old 14 dollar mouse after 1 year double click issue started so i buy new logitech g502 expensive mouse after 3 months it started double click issue why this happen ? need solution i cant buy another mouse
  12. did i loose something like performance or feautures ?