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    i7 8700k 4.7 GHz 1.25v
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    Asus Maximus X Hero
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    32GB 3200Mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX
  • GPU
    2080 FTW3 [2115/8000]
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    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    2TB in SSD and 8TB in WD Black HDD'S
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    Corsair RM750x
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    LG 27GL850-B, LG 27UD58P-B
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    Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Glorious GMMK Full-Size Gateron Reds
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    Glorious Model O
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 250 Ohm w/ JDS Labds Atom AMP and Topping D10 DAC
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit and Ubuntu 19.10 64 bit
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    MSI GE70 Apache Pro

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  1. Ordered one, guess I'm just gonna need to try.
  2. Specs: CPU: i7 8700k: 4.7 Ghz 1.23v RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3200MHZ 32GB Mobo: Asus Maximus X Hero GPU: EVGA 2080 FTW3: 2100 Core, 8000 Memory PSU: Corsair RM750x I was on a LAN a few days ago and my PC was connected to a Power Line that died out of nowhere. I had a small noise problem before with my GPU but it wasnt this intense, only a slight noise that went away after I repositioned my PC. It could've been vibrations from my floor matt that is on a somewhat uneven wooden floor. But now it is that way whenever my GPU is hit with a load (doesnt matter if stock speeds or OC). The moment I pause a game or close it, the noise is instantly gone. I was wondering whether the Corsair RM750x might be at fault, cause there are many people that complained about general issues with that PSU on multiple sites and it might have taken a hit there. I did read that sometimes a faulty PSU could be at fault if the power isn't clean or so on, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is the GPU after all. General usage is not affected at all. There have been no difference so far from what I can tell, but the noise can really pierce through my open back headphones. Any help is really appreciated! VID_20200221_180716.mp4
  3. With Fastboot: 1m23s; 1m18s; 1m18s Without : 1m28s; 1m29s; 1m29s Btw, I measure from the moment I click the power button, until I can see the desktop screen. The screen with the prompts takes 15 secs, thought I changed the length, but it doesn't affect it appearantly. Settings are the same, nothing reset. No POST error.
  4. It remembers it, also all the settings (CPU OC, XMP Profile, RAM settings and the fans aswell). Tho I found something while I was waiting for a reply. I had to remove like up to 40 boot option entrys, they just came again and again. With that I mean for example I saw the Windows Boot Manager pop up many times. On the picture I added you can see how it now looks like.
  5. I took the time needed for Booting with and without the Drives (except for the 970, can't just remove it easily as that). Boot with Drives: 1m24s; 1m23s; 1m23s Boot without: 1m26s; 1m24s; 1m25s I did multiple runs.
  6. I didn't quite know where to post my problems, since it includes multiple issues and parts while booting, so I hope it's fine here. If not please let me know! First and foremost my specs: OEM: Windows 10 64bit OEM Key CPU: i7 8700k Mobo: Asus Maximus X Hero RAM: 32GB 3200mhz GPU: EVGA 2080 FTW3 PSU: RM750x Storage: 1x Samsung 850 250gb (OS and Programs) 2x Samsung 860 500gb and 1x Samsung 970 500gb (I have my online and favourite games on the 860's, and move others on the 970) 1x 2tb WD Black and 1x 6tb WD Black (I have a lot of games on steam and etc, so I download and install them on the 6tb, to then later move em to the 970. I do this because of my slow internet speed and some games load just fine) The Issues are: 1. Whenever I boot up my PC, it needs 2 cycles/posts at least I had looked up if it is my PSU or Mainboard and both seem to have some threads relating to this issue (but it seems to be clearly a issue with the board in general), clearing CMOS multiple times didn't change that it doesn't really bother me that much since I'm aware it's a general issue and it doesnt take a lot of time, but maybe somebody managed to fix it somehow or has an suggestion 2. The loading screen after the bios prompts takes around 20~40 seconds, if not more I was wondering if it's clearly only because of the amount of connected drives, also whether changing the 6TB HDD for a big SSD and also removing the 2tb HDD might improve it, since I will finally have fiber in a few months which would make my 6tb redundant. I also had clean installed the OS and the Programs on my 970 for testing purposes a few months ago, which made no difference at all 3. Rarely, really rarely I get no picture while my PC is booting and afterwards I have to restart it once and it's fine again. Just wanna know if it is normal. a Sidenote: I have my PC and everything else (Monitors and such) connected to a power strip, which is then connected to a powerline adapter. I always turn of the power strip, when my PC isn't needed. Just in case if there might be something related. I would be really grateful for some help, since these issues are bothering me since I have my PC, but I just now have finally have the time to take things apart if needed and such. Also if there are any questions please feel free to ask ofc!
  7. Here's the thing: After having yet another one of the worst IPS-Panels I could've gotten I'm seeking some opinions. I loved the LG 27GL850-B, great colors, didn't see anything relating to the contrast issue, absolutely smooth and stunning in general. But I'm kinda dissapointed not only because of the classic issues (horrendous BLB), but also more from the support. They try their hardest not to see the quite obvious BLB in the pictures I send, which are also ones from in-game, where you can see it clearly. I had ordered a second one, which was only slightly better (the corners were more bluish than the intrusive orange), but had stuck pixels all over the place. I had a lot of different Monitors that I tried since I wanted to go 1440p, since that is the last logical step for my setup, but all of these insane dissapointments leave more than just a bad aftertaste when it comes to 1440p. I love 1440p, I can see the difference and clarity in-game. Also the colors of a IPS are just lovely. But I can't just keep on sending Monitors back and reordering them/order different ones (a reason is that Amazon already contacted me because of the amount that I had send back over the time and I get tired of jumping back and forth from 1080p TN to 1440p IPS). I'm at a loss atm, it just feels like that since 1440p is the market they try to go after, more manufacterers don't even bother to have any quality control or whatsoever. At least it feels like it. 1440p TN have always a absolute disgusting coating, bad colors and other things, IPS has glow, blb and VA is just way to slow and has his own issues aswell. Whenever I go back to my 1080p TN I just know I'm missing out and can't just stay put and hope for some better things in the future. Then I order yet a different one again, just to have the same problems and dissapointments again and again. It's such a annoying cycle and I don't know how to deal with that anymore. I have a Samsung RU8009 4k TV which can display 120hz on 1440p, which I frequently use because of my Consoles and my PC, but it's just not the same as sitting in front of a Monitor with my keyboard and mouse and having a second Monitor, even tho I have a lapboard. Has anybody had the same experience and/or some advise that could help? Because at this point I'm more than just frustrated.
  8. I have DT990 Pro 250 Ohm's and ran em like 3 days trough my Motherboard (Asus Maximus X Hero) before I bought an FiiO K3. It was a difference of night and day. Especially because they were too quiet IMO. You can try and see if it's enough and then still get a good budget DAC/AMP combo if needed. You could also instead get a lower Ohm version.
  9. It worked, that's what it did. Same scenario the gpu is 65°C with 50% Fan Curve max, sometimes goes as high as 70°C but it pretty much worked. It just never occured to me since most oc guides just say: "Crank you power limit and fans to max, then test around with Core and Memory. Afterwards adjust fans accordingly." I didn't think about lowering PL but it dit the trick. Thanks!
  10. Lately I have a real problem with my GPU temps. especially now in summer my EVGA 2080 FTW3 gets way to hot (85°C = GPU-Fans 40%, 78°C = GPU-Fans 60%). The only way to fix it is having the fans be at least on 80% or more and then it is still around 72°C even if it's colder in the evening (around 13~16°C ambient most of the time) it doesn't really get any better and I don't know what's wrong. The only thing I figured by testing is that the GPU maybe doesn't get enough fresh air. When I hold my hand in the case I can feel that the air from the front fan barely gets to the middle of the gpu, none to the rear end. The only thing that really affects the GPU temp is a higher GPU Fan curve with at least 80% which is way to loud. I can hear that easily with my open back heaphones. My i7 8700k no delid for example has no problem staying in 30°C in idle and 75°C even on the hottest of days with 4.7ghz on 1.25v. Or maybe it's the Precision X software from EVGA which gives me a lot of problems and I don't know how I can OC my GPU with Afterburner since it only detects 2 Fans. Case: Fractal Design Meshify C Fans: 2x BeQuiet Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM in front as intake, 2x BeQuiet Silent Wings 2 140mm DC on top (removed them, used as intake/exhaust with marginal differences) and one fractal design 120mm case fan as exhaust in the rear. CPU Cooler: BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3 It really is a problem for me and I don't know if it really is a problem to begin with perhaps because my old PC wasn't as powerful and in a case with noise reduction. This PC I have since winter now and I have my windows opened even in winter since the cold doesn't bother me. Therefore it could be that I just don't know better. Also my case fans all are around 60% in idle because I tried fixing it by making the fan curves way more aggressiv, especially the one which is providing air for the GPU, which isn't as loud except the exhaust that makes some weird noise and therefore I should replace it anyways. Any help is appreciated, I just don't anymore what to do since it's really annoying. EDIT: Screenshot with 13°C Ambient while playing Witcher 3
  11. First and foremost Specs: i7 8700k 4.7ghz 1.24v RTX 2080 (~2115 Core Clock, 8200 Memory Clock) Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200MHZ The Situation: So I have been ordering a lot of different Monitors lately, some better and some worse than others, 1440p 144hz 27" IPS and TN ones to be exact, and I can't really decide what I should get or end up with. IPS Glow doesn't really bother me unless it's yellowish and or really intrusive. The Main reason for me to upgrade was that I have the money to spend and wanted something that can utilize the power of my 2080. Another reason is that by upgrading my Main Monitor I can swap out my old 2nd Monitor that has a crack on the screen that has been bugging me for a while now. That one is 60hz tho and is therefore better suited for my PS4 that I have, because on a 144hz screen the PS4 image stutters and is generally unpleasant. So exchanging it with the main 1080p 144hz that I have now, leads to said problem, on the other hand tho it's great to not be bothered by the stutter anymore that occurs if you have a 60hz + 144hz combo. Though having a 1080p and 1440p combo really messes with stability of general useage for me (lagging of Browsers, the annoyance of switching something between screens, programs not responding [which work fine when I have 2x 1080p ones] and etc). The Monitors I use: Acer XF240H (a really good TN monitor imo) BenQ GL2450 Montiors I tried so far: Acer XB271HU (bad QC and the G-Sync Module doesn't justify the price for me) Acer XB271HUA (yellowish tint and coating) Acer XF270HU (stutter when playing and unstable for some reason) Acer XV272UP (really strong smearing and feel of blur when moving) Dell S2716DG (Strong Color Banding) What I liked so far: 27" really is great and feels more immersive because of the bigger screen, in combination with 1440p it looks quite good 1440p it is more crisp and I can see it. What is nice to have but can without: IPS is nice and really pleasant to look at, tho I can easily go back to TN without being to much bothered by it. (had to go back a lot of times obviously) G-Sync, I really can't feel the difference for some reason and the price addition of the Module itself sucks (had compatible and ones with a real G-Sync Module) What I don't like: 1440p with TN (I got really sick when playing on those I tried for some reason, like actually feeling ill) Motion blur, strong color banding and visible Ghosting VA Panels Bad stands (I have a big Mousepad and the Acer XB271HU/A stand for example interferes a lot with my mouse and don't really want to buy monitor mount because of that sole reason) Usage: I mainly play games from a lot of different genres, aswell as CSGO and League competitively. What should I try instead? (Max amount I would spend is 600€) 240hz monitor?: I'm afraid that I might not be able to go back to 144hz one day when 4k 144hz Monitors are a legit and drivable thing Just get a new second Monitor?: Considered maybe getting a 4k one, which I could mount and use for Eye Candy games where frames aren't as important or just a new 1080p IPS one for media consumption and PS4 Ultrawide?: I think that they are way to expensive (1440p ~120hz ones) and since I still play CS GO on a daily basis 4:3 stretched, I don't think I would really enjoy it. Or does anyone have a better suggestion because I think that I almost covered/tried anything. (Except 240hz, 4k and Ultrawide) Any experiences or help is really appreciated, I'm somewhat frustrated now from repacking and sending them back all the time.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get a IPS 1440p 144hz 27" with decent input lag, but I'm stuck atm because I can't find any reviews/panel description anywhere to the Acer XV272UP. Some people assume it's the same panel as the Gigabyte Aorus Ad27qd, which has horrific ghosting problems and I would like to know if it's true. The other Monitors I have considered are: Acer XF270HU ~430€ Asus MG279Q ~440€ The problem is that there aren't many monitors in that price range. So if anyone would find/know something helpful I'd be thankful. PS: The Acer XV272UP also costs 430€ btw.
  13. Gonna play around a bit more. Atm it is better and therefore I will be able to endure it for now. Gonna wait until the heat wave fully hits and see than if I need it, thanks for the help tho.