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  1. Thank you both for your replies, been really helpful. Good point on the point of failures for the AIOs ... Im going with air cooling, probably going to get the DRP4 cooler since its far better looking than the noctua one and spare a few bucks by not getting an AIO (as cool as they seem, from what ive read up until now i dont think they are worth it). Thank again!
  2. Well then i guess im going with air cooling. I think its best, i would go mad with fear of leakage with AIOs anyway ... shame, i really liked the idea of an AIO (it being the first ever for me) I'll also check the be quiet Dark Rock pro, thanks!
  3. So you're saying that there is no point in going for an AIO if you got clearance for a high end air cooler? Im building a gaming rig which will have an AMD R7 3700X most likely and I was going to pair it with a 3 fan AIO (140 fans) thinking more fans = better. I was planning to do an overclock on the cpu as well ... Why would an air cooler be better than AIOs? Because if thats the case i'll just buy the NH-D15 cooler and call it a day (it looks really ugly but eh)
  4. Im curious, why would you want to upgrade if you got no issues with it? Seems like a decent system to me ...
  5. otherwise that board is ok in the other departments correct? Like, build quality, component quality, features, etc ... im not that experienced when it comes to motherboards
  6. Hey, ill be buying an Ryzen 7 3700X and some kind of AIO for it with plans to do a light overclock ... would this board be sufficient ( GIGABYTE AORUS X570 ELITE )? This is for gaming only rig.
  7. I have updated main post with a rough budget
  8. My gpu on my current rig died. Also had a crap 1080p tn monitor so i got that as well. Initially i wasnt planning to get a whole new rig, i was going to stick with the one i have plus the new gpu and monitor but in the end decided to upgrade since I was hitting my current cpu limits. Country is Romania, budget is ... dont have a specific number, its a high end rig ... ill post some aproximate pricing for the parts chosen by me and we can use that as a rough budget. Ill update the main post in a bit.
  9. This system is going to be used for gaming mostly (like 90-95% of the time). Maybe some light streaming in the future idk. I have already bought the GPU and the monitor (RTX 2080 and Acer Predator 1440p 144hz monitor) because my current gpu died. Budget: Roughly 1100 Euro. (thats roughly 1200 USD) This is not set in stone, it can go up and it can go down a bit depending on the parts chosen. This budget doesnt include the gpu and monitor because those are already bought. Country (dunno why it would matter but still): Romania. Now I need to buy the rest to pair with the above. My current choices (still doing my own research into what to get but these are my early choices) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - I might overclock this hence the AIO bellow - I'd also prefer sticking with AMD but im not married to it CPU cooler: Some sort of AIO, havent looked into this (kinda need help here since I never dabbled with watercooling before) RAM: Patriot Viper RGB Black 16GB DDR4 3600MHz CL17 1.35V Dual Channel Kit (https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/20c502_44b8c72182aa4512a6906aaa6ebf07ec.pdf) PSU: Seasonic PRIME Ultra, 80+ Platinum, 750 W (https://seasonic.com/prime-ultra-platinum#overview) Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-Strix-X570-F-Gaming) Case: Idk ... Something with good airflow and plenty of space for radiators and fans? Has to be middle tower, has to have tempered glass panel on the left, dust filters, PSU cover or however thats called and good cable management ... Any help would be appreciated
  10. Something's been bothering me, with a budget enough for a 3800x i can get the i7 9700K for the same money but better for gaming overall ... kinda torn on this one. I hoped to finally move to AMD this time but intel is still pretty nice ... Why would anyone get an AMD cpu (say 3800X) as opposed to an i7 9700K if its going to be used for gaming like 90% of the time? EDIT: Just forget what I said lol, ill go with AMD for sure. Probably 3700X. Its gonna be fine
  11. I kinda agree with what you're saying. God knows I might even try a little streaming/recording in the future so 3700X sits in a sweet spot i'd say. Besides, having more cores than needed doesnt hurt anyone and im not going for a budget build so sparing those bucks by getting the R5 isnt really something im trying to do. Im also planning to keep this system for quite a while, i dont upgrade my system too often so who knows, maybe in a couple of years there will be more games that benefit from having more cores (here's hoping!) That being said, after what you guys posted here and after reading more on the net, that R5 certainly looks nice for its price ... im still a few weeks off from buying anything so i have time to think I've been with my current intel cpu for far too long (i7 4970), cant wait to upgrade Thank you all for replying here, you've been most helpful! Now im off to look into what mobo to get, ram, psu etc.
  12. I have the budget for up to ryzen 7 3800X but I think imma go with the 3700X, spare a few bucks ... i think thats going to be good. Dont think im gonna get a Ryzen 5 when i got the budget for its bigger brother. Plus, like @bimmerman said, I dont need those extra cores at all ... I just WANT it
  13. Huh so no votes for the R7 lineup Interesting. Budget is not an issue (within reasonable limit tho). Initially i was planning to get an R7 3700X or even 3800X ... now im not so sure To note that this new rig should hold up for at least 4-5 years. I dont plan to upgrade anything for the forseable future because RL sucks ... so uhm ... future-profing (yes, we all hate this word)