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  1. I was watching an evga charity stream and information on the 2060 and 2070 ti slipped out when he was talking about game bundles
  2. Help my PC when I press the power button terns on but no peripherals light up and no signal shows up. The plot thickens when I say that the lights in my headset are always on(the headset uses an aux to connect to the PC and and a USB port only for power no thing else), and that my peripherals light up for like 5 seconds only after I turn off the PC switch the power supply cutoff switch on then off again and then press the power button. I know the PC is on because all fans spin on the psu, the heat sink, and the case fans and the lights on one of my fans lights up. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated, Thanks. It cut out while watching youtube. my system includes CPU fx 6300 stock cooler amd rx 480 4gb 8 gb ddr3 ram 120gb ssd windows 10 home 600 watt psu
  3. I'm looking for a gtx 1060 to upgrade my pc, I could also use an am3+ motherboard if you knew a good place to buy one that would be nice. The gtx 1060 would be most helpful though.
  4. go to evga's website you can buy one there for 280$
  5. on newegg those motherboards go for 60 to 75 dollers so mabey 45 to 50 if it's in good shape.
  6. Make shore that the cable is plugged into the graphics card and not the motherboard.
  7. https://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=06G-P4-6267-RX This is where.
  8. don't do it I'm left handed and use the mouse with the left it will be impossible to buy a good left handed gaming mouse for less than 70$.
  9. You don't need a 1070 to play at 1080p just go with the 1050 ti or the 1060 3gb card, if you want to you can go with the 6gb card but the 1070 isn't needed for 1080p gaming.
  10. AMD isn't that hard to understand just divide the number of cores it says it has by two and that's how many intel cores it has. the ghz rating is the same.
  11. Yes I would but evga does have a sweet deal on refurbished 1060 6gb cards for the same price.