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Everything posted by Alariel

  1. That would definitely make me stop watching, even faster than bringing bloody Austin back (here's me hoping that doesn't happen either).
  2. Alariel

    Floatplane subscription

    That very much depends on where in the world you happen to be living actually. Might be true for North America, but various other places... not so much.
  3. Nah, haven't been here long enough for that. But other places... My older posts are probably fine. It's the more recent ones that are stupid AF. No idea where my brain is at these days.
  4. We must not be watching the same videos. I cannot count the times he has pointed out the power efficiency and how you don't need an overkill power supply. Or that you don't need this or that component unless you're gaming at 4k. Or his preference for mafugly noctua fans over anything flashy. And yeah, he does ridiculously high-end builds sometimes, and completely impractical stuff like "let's see how many gamers we can stuff onto this one machine", and stupid but fun stuff, but isn't that why a lot of people watch his channels?
  5. Alariel

    linus gets ripped on

    My only thought as I quickly scrolled past that video was that that's one way to get a lot of clicks/views, because everyone knows who Linus is afterall. *shrugs*
  6. I noticed when @James posted today's video on the LTT Official that according to his profile he hasn't been here since sometime in September. Obviously he's posted since then (like today). Unless there's some kind of super secret sneak mode for LMG staff I'd assume it's a bug of some kind and probably affecting more than that one profile.
  7. Alariel

    Last Visited stuck on long ago

    So super secret sneak mode is a thing. Fair enough, I (obviously) did not know that.
  8. Briefly. Some time ago. They got it sorted, so no worries.
  9. Heck if that's the way games are gonna be from now on... I might actually have to go get a life... or whatever it is that non-gamers do with their spare time.
  10. Alariel

    How many times can a DVD drive be opened and closed?

    No idea, but I've been moving the same bloody drive from one PC to the next for ages now and it's still working fine, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say a lot.
  11. Alariel

    Novermber 10th, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    Been a while since I've enjoyed WAN this much. They actually managed to get to most of the topics. No pointless interuptions of running off to do other stuff mid-show. And they managed to be entertaining/fun without derailing the entire thing. These two should definitely team up more.
  12. Alariel

    Best insult you've heard in an online game?

    I can't decide between "I see the screw-up faerie has visited again" and "At least cancer kills"...
  13. Alariel

    Why you people still on Windows 7

    Many reasons. It works. It doesn't look like it was made for tablets or those little toy computers you can buy for kids. It doesn't force updates that may or may not break stuff. Compatability. Privacy. That strange error some people are getting in 10 that randomly makes the CPU run at 100% on idle. The list could go on a while longer, but it's past midnight for me and I need my 6 hours of sleep.
  14. Alariel

    It's time for a new "Wars" theme

    Yas!!! You (hopefully) can't see it, but I'm doing a little happy dance around my desk.
  15. Alariel

    It's time for a new "Wars" theme

    Honestly my first thought was how much I just really really don't enjoy all these guests from other channels. As for thought on the actual suggestions... That's a lot of time to use on what will still only be a couple of videos. It completely defeats the purpose of Scrapyard Wars. Some elements fit better with other types of videos, like the Tech Showdowns (which personally I enjoy more that SYW). Audience voting adds even more delay, work, and an element of chaos that just seems pointless to me.
  16. Alariel

    Concerns with FloatPlane Pricing

    Yeah, Paypal doesn't work for me either, unless I want to pay 50 dollars for a 3 dollar subscription. But I'm gonna wait and see what the prices actually end up being, I don't think anyone has actually said yet.
  17. Alariel

    Concerns with FloatPlane Pricing

    As I understand it Vessels flat fee to access everything was a big reason why it closed down, so I can kinda see why Floatplane would do differently.
  18. Still manage to play something about once a week (most weeks at least), people with kids can get sitters if they don't have partners to look after the little ones, it's not a big problem.
  19. One on the desk, two under the desk, and yeah I'm beginning to think I might need a bigger desk at some point.
  20. Alariel

    teach me something

    It's physically impossible for a rat to throw up.
  21. If a PC needs rebooting frequently enough for this even to be a worry then I'd probably be more worried about whatever is causing the frequent reboots in the first place.
  22. Alariel

    Caffeine: does it suck?

    Me. Can't stand the taste. Don't need the kick.
  23. Alariel

    How did you meet your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband

    A case of mistaken identity and a lot of laughs.
  24. Alariel

    October 20, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    At TwitchCon, building computers and being trolled by a horrible audio setup.
  25. Alariel

    Dream Computer Case

    If we're only going by looks then I just need some solid metal to work with so I can airbrush it and make it whatever I feel like.