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    i7 5820K @ 3.3Ghz
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    Asus X99-A
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4x4GB)
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    Zotac GTX 980Ti AMP! 2-way SLI
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition - Non backlit
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    Kingston HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
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  1. So a few days ago I changed the password for my main google account. Everything on web desktop works fine, however on my phone, if I launch a google app, the "Checking info" UI with a loadingthing appears then disappears in a split second, then the app crashes, often taking my whole phone with it. Be it Drive, Google Play, Photos even Settings! When I go into Settings > Accounts > Click on my Google Account, the options Sign-in & security, Personal info & privacy and Account Preferences are MISSING. If I click on Account Sync, it says Sync is currently experiencing problems and will be back shortly This is an OG Google Pixel on Android 8.0.0 (my preference, not willing to update) with the latest security update for that version (November) I tried: Rebooting my phone Updating Google Play Services and other google apps - Google Play store, when launched is blank (when I do the below too) - Switching to another account then trying to update gives a blank page ***Error checking for updates*** Turning off Sync then rebooting Force-stopping all google apps, clearing all their caches then rebooting Clearing DATA for Play Store and trying that Reverting my password to my old one Much much more You may wonder why I have not removed and re-added the account: This is simply not an option. I carried on using my phone for about 4 days, and have: Lots of stuff saved in Google Keep which I cannot sync Many many chrome tabs open which I cannot afford to lose Other data across some google apps which I can't lose Please, I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I have never had an issue like this before. I know everyone will say remove the account and re-add it, so, will removing the account delete all the Google Chrome tabs I have open?? And will it remove the un-synced Google Keep data too? I know it says Yes to this in Settings but still want to know about Chrome tabs no idea how to fix this mess. All help appreciated. Every Google app I launch crashes after a few seconds! It just freezes the app, and sometimes the phone completely 20% of the time.
  2. Thanks btw, if you are willing to waste more time on my persistent soul, now it loses drivers randomly...
  3. I previously posted these two threads; - https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1006162-very-weird-driver-issues-with-windows-7/ - https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1004634-how-do-i-dual-boot-windows-10-and-7-on-completely-separate-drives-in-2018/ when attempting to dual boot Windows 10 1809 and Windows 7. I then solved all of these issues. However, one issue remains. Currently I use the BIOS to boot of the two "Windows Boot Manager"s of Windows 10 and 7, to boot into whichever OS I want to. I don't use the boot OS selection menu (it doesn't exist or ever appear, which I am fine with). I boot into Windows 7 Professional, and it works flawlessly, fast, no issues, updates installed, latest drivers. I clean installed the GPU drivers with DDU when I made the OS, and again when another issue occurred. It has two very important driver issues though: 1) Sometimes, the mouse, while plugged in, will not move at all. ---- Sometimes, when this specific issue occurs, the keyboard continues to function. ---- Other times, when this specific issue occurs, the keyboard ceases to function. ---- This specific issue is solved by a single reboot (into Windows 7) 2) Sometimes, absolutely no drivers except the display driver load ---- I boot into the desktop, and the network icon is initially the WiFi searching icon, then it changes after a few seconds to an Ethernet icon with a red cross on it ---- Mouse and keyboard input is not possible. I have to force restart the PC. ---- This specific issue is solved by rebooting into safe mode (Windows 7), then rebooting into normal mode (into Windows 7). ---- When I apply the bold red fix above, opening Device Manager in any mode or state (with drivers working or not, safe mode or not) always shows this - https://i.imgur.com/GDcEQXW.png When do these issues occur? - Completely randomly - Literally. Sometimes I will boot into Windows 7 and it works flawlessly 80% of the time, then out of nowhere, issue 1 and 2 occur. - As always, they can be fixed with the respective methods listed under the issues. - During this time I make ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES TO MY SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ---- This means, no new devices plugged in, no new drives, no new drivers, no changing of USB ports etc. What have I tried? - Clean installing every single driver on Windows 7 and Windows 10 - Windows 10 Fast boot and hibernation is OFF! - Clean installing the windows 7 dual boot - Physically disconnecting the Windows 10 SSD - Checking the Windows 7 install with sfc /scannow and dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and chkdsk C: /f from the Windows 7 install disk. - Checking the Windows 10 install with the above commands. - Rearranging all USB ports to different ports - Unplugging everything but mouse and keyboard - Making it so that devices which required more "stuff" aren't on the same USB "tower" in the back of the motherboard (if you imagine the motherboard flat and horizontal) - Changing lots of BIOS settings, intel VT-d and intel VT-x, CSM compatibility, etc etc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Full PC Specs = https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/vDxFmq - Both the Windows 7 and 10 drives and OS's are UEFI GPT Devices: - HyperX Cloud II Headset (USB 2.0) - McSaite Wireless Numpad (USB 2.0) - Razer Deathadder Chroma (USB 2.0) - Razer Tournament Edition Non-Backlit (USB 2.0) - Xbox Wired 360 Controller (USB 2.0) - Anker USB 3.0 Hub Drivers: - Realtek High Definition Audio driver - Razer Synapse (tried reinstalling and using a new user account, also tried not using it) - NVIDIA GPU driver - 417.22 - I tried NOT installing any 3D driver stuff, making sure to use DDU in safe mode before making these changes, and rebooting plenty of times - Nothing else, I think All help is widely appreciated. This issue is driving me crazy. Ask anything about info i missed / forgot to include
  4. Update: it didn't stick. Today, out of nowhere, windows failed to load all drivers except the display ones. No mouse, no keyboard, no internet, nothing. It's seemingly random. Any ideas? Edit: fixed simply by booting into safe mode then back out again. But it will happen again because this "fixed" it last time. What is this?
  5. Don't know if it's something bad I've done in life, but it took me a THIRD clean ddu install of my graphics drivers (I unchecked all 3d stuff, and the Nvidia audio driver) and it's ok now it works as intended One thing, I just hope that mouse issue goes away by itself. Thanks for your help and rapid replies regardless. Much appreciated! im gonna mark it solved for now might reopen it if it happens again. Also, I tried booting into my main os on my other SSD (windows 10 1809 fast boot and hibernation fully disabled) and then back into my windows 7 install it's all good Let's hope it sticks, thanks again Edit : It also made os more responsive and fixed some pretty jammy issues with GeForce experience
  6. 1. I said, I would state if I had an active overclock, if I was overclocking. Any suggestions then?
  7. Don't have a restore point
  8. All three of these are incorrect 1. I don't overclock, I would have stated that in the post 2. I just checked all of my drives, all ok 3. Read the post
  9. https://youtu.be/d8wz1zwk20Y Basically, when I booted, the above video happens. The login screen and welcome screen did not appear at all, but I could boot in and login and use the os This started happening completely out of the blue. I made no changes to the system at all. Then, on a third reboot, a serious issue happened, where all drivers were missing. Here is what happened: 1. I log in, and the login screen and welcome screen appear as normal 2. When I see the desktop, the notification tray icon has a big red cross, which is what happened when I first made the install and there were no drivers on it. 3. Then, I noticed my keyboard, mouse, wireless numpad, controller, absolutely nothing was working. Nothing 4. Then a "device driver has been installed successfully" thing came up and then the OS COMPLETELY FROZE. I could not do anything and was forced to reboot. 5. I then booted into safe mode with command prompt and ran sfc /scannow but it said everything was ok During this I also ran devmgmt and there were like 50 other devices saying no drivers installed, some of them usb port. 6. I then booted off my install disk, and opened CMD, ran chkdsk C:\ /f but all was ok too 7. I toggles intel vt-d on and off in the os, then it went back to the behaviour shown the video I linked at the very top of this post. 8. Suddenly its fine, but still has the issue in the yt video at the very top of this post. OS works normally otherwise in this state I am still not satisfied. None of this used to happen last week, none of it. I made no changes to the os or my bios or anything. How can I fix this? I've tried clean installing the latest GPU drivers with DDU and nothing has changed. I'm very confused. Please help, quite scared for my files. Some driver is messing up somewhere. All help widely appreciated IMPORTANT EDIT I booted in (with the same issue described at the very top in the yt video) and I see this in device manager https://i.imgur.com/GDcEQXW.png (just an image link of the above for reference) ON TOP OF ALL THIS Seemingly randomly my mouse won't work, it's razer deathadder chroma, razer synapse installed and working, I have to plugin a different mouse
  10. None of you have read my post or viewed the links there - this is exactly what I've tried, but it's resulted in this every time, with no bcdedit commands fixing it: When the windows 7 installer says it needs to restart to complete the installation, this happens. it happens regardless if I boot from bios boot order, bios manual click, or boot menu. More info in the Reddit posts linked below. It also caused this in my windows 10 install on the separate drive after many reboots (despite chkdsk /f reporting "no action required" (the fix error checking)), and other issues (linked below again - they didn't hyperlink in my OP). Presumably because of the incompatibilities between the Windows 10 and 7 boot managers, and the 7 installer messing with the system reserved partitions on my windows 10 drive. https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/a3ciss/installing_windows_7_not_detecting_usb_after_the/ https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/a3dflp/urgent_tried_to_install_windows_7_on_a_separate/ From many sources I found that having 10 as the first OS then installing 7, be it on a completely separate drive or not (can confirm in my experience), causes lots of issues since 10 has a newer boot code than 7, and I have no idea why this is an issue despite them being on separate drives, but it is. My plan is, 1. Reformat the other drive to install 7 on as GPT / UEFI 2. Make a 64GB partition for W7 3. Leave the rest for file use. 4. Redownload and reverify the hash in the Windows 7 ISO (already done) 5. Burn to USB in GPT UEFI mode, with Rufus (already done) 6. to physically unplug my windows 10 C:\ drive, 7. Retry the install, and see if it boots. PARTIALLY SOLVED FOR NOW: All I had to do was: 1. Physically unplug my windows 10 drive before doing anything (doing this caused a minor error during Windows 7 install, which means it WAS messing with my 10 partition, solution below) 2. Follow this video CAREFULLY. Link: https://youtu.be/o4ilMAAk1Q8 BUT IMPORTANTLY: commands are in bold italic - right after the clean step, you need to type convert gpt if you want to use a UEFI / GPT (non CSM) install USB stick / wanna use the UEFI bios type of install - note that the 5GB partition he makes is to copy the install files into it, not to use the OS on. If you want another partition, make another one right after the create partition step, with your desired size. E.g. for 64gb it's create partition primary size=64000 3. Close the setup so it reboots, then goto the BIOS while it boots, then shutdown to avoid corruption of the USB. Then UNPLUG THE USB 4. Then, boot the pc, go into bios, and select the 5gb partition you just made with install files. It may just show the full disk size, and that's okay, as long as you recognise it. It should be something like "UEFI - SanDisk blah blah blah" if you're using UEFI or just "blah blah blah" if you're using MBR 5. Let the install finish. This worked for me. If it didn't please ask. If this thread is too old pm me. Or make a new thread. IMPORTANT; I haven't plugged in my normal windows 10 SSD yet, so I haven't got the dual boot aspect done, but 7 itself is working! Will update later!! UPDATE: it fully worked. quite happy with the results, no issues on either OS. Not using EasyBCD because it doesn't like UEFI, and i just used BIOS to boot off the correct drives. Solved. If it fails, I have two options from my research, which I'll try consecutively if the previous fails: 1. Run bcdedit commands to fix winload.efi 2. Enable CSM support mode in the BIOS 3. Boot into windows 10, reformat the SSD as MBR then remake a new USB with Rufus for the W7 install media, in MBR mode, and retry the whole thing with Legacy BIOS emulation in my BIOS
  11. My situation: - 2 NTFS SSDs - One of them is empty, and can be formatted (its currently NTFS GPT for UEFI) - Windows 10 is installed on my PC in `C:\` - I do not have Windows 7 installed on my PC. - [Full PC Specs](https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/vDxFmq) Why do I say "2018"? - Last time I tried this, the old Windows 7 bootloader messed up my Windows 10 install, resulting in a plethora of disk errors being reported within my Windows 10 install, despite `chkdsk C: /f` reporting everything was OK and no action was required. - Windows 7 installed, but never booted. - FULL DETAILS; - **[The failure of the installation (post)](https://old.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/a3ciss/installing_windows_7_not_detecting_usb_after_the/)** - **[The install completely ruining my main install (post)](https://old.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/a3dflp/urgent_tried_to_install_windows_7_on_a_separate/)** - I tried the SSD in an MBR format, and a UEFI GPT format, with the USB disk burnt to the right one each time with Rufus. both times failed, with the errors described above, and also in the linked posts above in great detail. I've seen other people just install 7 on another drive while having 10 already installed, and it works flawlessly. **Another very important question - is it actually simple? After setting everything up, with BCDEdit or whatever, can I seamlessly boot between the two OS's**? Is it reliable? I tried installing 7 on a completely different drive, and confirmed it was OK, and it literally ruined my Windows 10 install (see posts above!!). I wish I was doing something wrong, but I have tried everything.
  12. alright, now there is no signal when i plug my monitor into my top primary gpu. wtf is happening. any ideas on how to fix this? btw i havent swapped the gpu pci slots yet