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  1. It is really my first time looking for these things and English is not my mother language. Not sure on how to search for it. Should i look for something like " lga 1155 to am4 bracket "?
  2. Indeed it seems to be an Alpenfohn Brocken! wow! I am amazed So, now, the next step is for me to visit their website and hope that they have some adaptor from LGA 1155 to AM4?
  3. Ye I am sorry. I will use some quotes from now on! I will post some pictures bellow. Sorry, I am new to the forum, and don't really understand what you mean by your third phrase. Unfortunately no. I bought it "as new" from a friend's friend sometime in 2012, I've moved houses like 3 times since then, I even moved to another country, so there is no way I can possibly have any information about it. Some images: https://imgur.com/a/ypbN8ZD
  4. Thank you for the replies guys. Problem is that I have absolutely no idea who is the manufacturer or which is the model. The best thing that comes into my mind about finding out, is a thorough google search and hours comparing images to see which one looks the same.
  5. So like 7 years ago, I purchased a quite good fan for my i2500k. I paid more or less $60 or so, and I am quite happy with it. The fan has a modular base, and the screws are in some kind of a rail, which allows it to fit to various sockets. Now I am considering getting one of the new AMD CPUs (when they come out) and in general, make a new setup. Now, I am trying to save as much as possible, so I can't help myself wondering if this CPU cooler will by any chance fit the AM4 socket. Do you have any way for me to find out? Next week, I am going to be cleaning it, and applying some new thermal paste on it, so I will have it disassembled.
  6. TheoKondak

    Cheap Windows 10

    The thing with ebay is that you can never be sure that it's a valid license.
  7. TheoKondak

    PC Turns on for a spit seconds then off.

    This is happening to me every now and then. My rig is quite old so I don't complain. This issue most likely occurs due to some safety mechanism in the PSU. What could be wrong: A lot of things. Bad PSU Bad CPU Bad Rams Bad Motherboard Bad SATA cable Bad SATA supply cable Some cable is not doing good contact The buzzing sound on the PSU could be just some capacitor. Shouldn't worry you too much unless it's something new. What I'd suggest you try: Remove all USB cables. Try to reduce the stress on the PSU (even though 850W should be able to easily handle whatever you throw at it). Try to remove ALL HDDs including your OS HDD. Remove your Graphics Card Remove your RAM Dims Remove all cables and see if the PSU keeps running on its own. Try to blow the PSU supply cables because dust particles are really evil, and find their way into anything. Maybe some dust particles are causing some bad connection (the last time it happened to me it was some dust into the MOBO power supply cable). After blowing all cables start putting things together again. Start with just the MOBO and CPU. See if it turns on without boot looping. If that works, then put back your GPU, and then your OS HDD, and so on and so forth. It might take some time, but it's the safest way to go.
  8. In the end, I think that I will be waiting for the 3rd generation of Ryzen. I can't wait to see what's new!
  9. wow! You came to my rescue! Thank you very much! It's a really great help. All the components you've posted are the ones that fit to my needs except maybe the CPU don't you think upgrading to 2700 worths it? It's +100€ and probably a worse value but I can afford it. The components you suggested along with the 2700 gives a total budget of 570€ or so which is within the limits.
  10. Well I am trying to keep my budget as low as possible. I guess a reasonable price would be ~600€ (or $700ish) for MOBO, CPU, RAM and case. I think this budget can give me a good upgrade without breaking my buck too much.
  11. Hello! Last days my old faithful setup is starting to fail. I think its about time I upgrade my i2500k to something new. I am thinking of purchasing a new CPU, MOBO, and RAM, but keeping my old Graphics Card, PSU and HDDs. I did some research myself, and I think that I will be going for AMD Ryzen. I am between 1700x (200€ + 30 for cooler = 230€) and 2700 (266€ cooler included). I think I will be going for the 2700 for a couple of reasons. 1st it includes a fan, so the price difference is about 30€ and I am going to be saving from electricity bills anyways. Lower consumption usually means lower temps, and since I don't consider overclocking (much) at the moment, the stock cooler will do just fine. Currently, I am using a quite good fan for my i2500k. I can't find the model, but I can see that it's base is modular, so is there any chance it might fit the new Ryzen? Now I need some advice on RAMs. I'd like to get 16gb due to video editing. I don't intend to spend more than 120€ for the RAM, but I guess I might have to. For motherboard, I really have no idea what should I get. I don't want to spend more than 150€ on it. I would like to have a lot of USBs since I have 5 USB3 external HDDs (but in case I need more I have a PCI-E USB 3 expansion card). I will also need a case. For this, I would like to stay as low as possible. My graphics card is a 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (ASUStek Computer Inc) but my budget will now allow me to get a new one at the moment. My PSU is a Corsair CX 600W which I guess will do just fine. For a new PC built I am going to need a new Windows CD key. I am thinking of purchasing a CD key from here: https://www.goodoffer24.com/windows-10-pro-professional-cd-key-32-64-bit.html?acc=303 Do you think I am taking the right decisions? Would you change any of the above? Edit: I try to keep my budget as low as 600€ ($700ish) for CPU, Mobo, RAM and Case.