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  1. Well I found what was wrong. For some reason, the Wifi on my motherboard got enabled, so I was connected to the house Wifi, and thus having this hysterical lagspikes. Now I m back on cable and everything is fixed.
  2. Well ye happened to me in the past, but it is seemingly random. The best think that comes into my mind to fix it is to factory default my router. Other than that my hands are pretty much tied because my router has almost no settings for me as a user. I will probably have to contact the ISP tomorrow.
  3. Yep, that one, it's at least 5 years old now, and had problems with it since day one, from broken SATA cable connectors to extreme fan noise and outage issues. I just hope it is something PSU related, even though it doesn't look like it. I suspect, that for some reason when my girlfriend watches some youtube video on her laptop, I get these lagspikes. So I even think it's my router.
  4. Ye, the BitFenix is the one I've ordered, my old one is a Corsair CX600, but it has been full of problems.
  5. The issues begun like 15 days ago, with the reboots, monitor loss etc. I found that if i replug the mobo cable, the issue is fixed for a while. Now I didn't have any reboots for the last 3-4 days, but I get this rubber banding thingy.. The PSU I've ordered is the BitFenix Whisper M 80 PLUS Gold Netzteil, modular - 850 Watt. I found it around 80 Euros during Black Friday.
  6. So I have this problem. When I play CS:GO sometimes, in some games I get this weird rubber banding which seems like packet loss or network lag in general, but the in game data indicates that neither is true. Packet Loss is stuck to 0 and ping is around 20-30ms. My pc is brand new( 2 months old or so): CPU AMD 3700x GPU Gigabyte 5700xt (19.3.3 drivers) Mobo Asus Tuff x570 Wifi (AGESA Windows 10 Pro build 18362 I play via cable and my connection is 100/10mbps and latency in general is low. When the rubber banding occurs I have no app exchanging data in the background and network traffic is generally low. In game i get 350-400fps so I limited it to 180 (CS:GO command fps_max) since my monitor is 60hz. Also, my PSU needs replacement, and it is causing some GPU related issues, because the motherboard cable connection is a bit loose, or because my PSU is too old and sometimes might struggle providing for the GPU, my monitors turn off, or my PC just restarts. I think thought that the rubber banding is a network related issue.
  7. Ye this PSU is really really bad. Since day 1 I had issues, and the SATA cables broke the first day. Strange thing is that some days I have no issue, while others (like today) I get 3 reboots in 30 minutes
  8. A couple of months ago, I purchased components for my new PC. Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit latest build ASUS Tuff x570 Wifi (bios AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 [latest]) Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte 5700xt (Drivers 19.11.1) Crucial Ballistix 32 GB Intel 660p 1tb And I used my old Corsair Builder 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (about 5 years old). Now most of the times computer works fine. I have no overclock or undervolt enabled at the moment, due to the issue with reboots and black screens. So when I play CS:GO (kinda the only game I play these days) , my pc randomly reboots, or sometimes both of my monitors go black and it is not fixed until I reboot the machine. Notice that since I only have an 60hz monitor, I have my fps capped to 180, so now both my CPU and GPU are working at 20-30% of their capacity. Temps are low too. CPU max 50 Celcius and GPU not more than 60 Celcius. I've done a lot of testing, and I ended up thinking that the PSU is causing the issue. It seems that some of the contacts do not deliver enough power to the motherboard and maybe the GPU. One day, the issue occurred, and the PC was not booting at all, after trying a lot of fixes, I found out that unplugging/replugging the MOBO cable got the issue fixed for a few days before the reboots started again. In the past, I've done some OC and run plenty of stress tests for GPU and CPU (I even done 4.3ghz all Cores with no issue). What do you think? Could this be a failing PSU or maybe a faulty GPU?
  9. Well the advantages are certain if you are willing to pay the extra bucks, I guess you can't go wrong. I am amazed by my 3700x!
  10. Fair enough! You might be able to push a bit more AC oc on 1.2. I am running 3700x 1.2435v @ 4175mhz. It crashes on stress tests @ 1.2435, but for daily usage it's just fine. Temps and consumption is amazing too! max 94W under Cinebench r20 and 62-63C temps.
  11. I think 3rd gen has so many advantages that worth investing in anyways.
  12. Is it normal? How so? And how do you explain a different vCore vallue in bios and in Windows? To me it seems that BIOS setting is not being applied at all. It keeps the core speed, but not the vCore vallue.
  13. I think it is not worth it that much to be honest. Outer Worlds seems nice. From some reviews I checked, they say it reminds a bit of the Fallout.