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  1. You might be running into the same bug I have with GSYNC + Windowed full-screen. FPS drops to 22/23 unless either GSYNC is disabled or the game is run at normal full-screen.
  2. If Windows 10 works, Server 2016 works. At the level (kernel, drivers, PnP, etc.) that it matters, Windows 10 and Server 2016 are exactly the same.
  3. As much fun as it sounds I wouldn't home-lab an actual work place. In other words, don't use Linux for a central server. Yes, it's cheap comparing to Windows but the de facto industry standard is Windows, yes it sucks, live with it. Going with full PC, Terminal Server, VDI or a hybrid environment really depends on the characteristics of your users and their work. Whatever you chose, always go with a central management of credentials and data storage (backup, backup, backup!).
  4. Just a side note: on many motherboards not all SATA ports are available when you populate the M.2 slot.
  5. I'm running way more on an Intel NUC (albeit an i7 model).
  6. Edit 1: Source article on the Dutch DPA website. This article is a follow up on the announcement of the start of investigations by -aside from the Netherlands- Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. Looks like half the EU is on Microsoft's case about telemetry collection. The EU wide data protection directive that was enacted in 2016 enters into force on May 25 2018. So even if Microsoft conforms (eventually) to national laws, they will have to conform to the more strict EU directive in 2018. Edit 2: To elaborate. The first and second links go to the official press releases from the Dutch 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens' which is the agency that watches out for the consumer's right to data protection. They have the authority to fine offenders.
  7. Web server / Mailserver / DC / PiHole / Torrent downloader.
  8. The kind of VMs I all run on a single Intel NUC at the moment. The NUC will be re-purposed as a HTPC for a family member.
  9. Hello All, I've lost the plot a bit with Intel so I'm having some trouble picking the right board and CPU for a VMWare/NAS build. Due to compatibility restrictions, AMD is not really a valid choice so Intel it will be. With this going to be strictly for home use and I'm not looking to run more than 3-5 small VMs a 6 core HT i7 should suffice I reckon. What do you guys recommend? Keep in mind that the latest generation Intel CPUs has not made it to compatibility lift for VMWare 6.5 yet.
  10. This video just oozes production quality. Well done guys.
  11. All soudcards do have some sort of amp but the quality differs a lot and the capability to fill decent headphones differs a lot too.
  12. Whether you edit directly from the NAS or not, with 4k coming up your need for 10Gbs will grow. Personally I'd never edit straight of the NAS, but true, with 10Gbs you'll be hard pressed to get anything faster on local storage aside from a decent SSD.
  13. Then port 25 is blocked 'somewhere'. Could be your ISP, could be your router/firewall.
  14. Start with the basics, can you connect to any outside mail server from your Exchange server? For example 'telnet alt1.aspmx.l.google.com 25' - you should get a 220 welcome message.
  15. BOOZy

    RAID 0 ?

    The R in RAID0 is redundant (yes that's a meta joke).