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    Some engineering, some marketing, a bunch of LAN parties, and a few PAXes brought me to Cooler Master, where I'm now leading my life surrounded in even more computing than ever before.
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    Customer Relations Specialist at Cooler Master USA


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    Intel i5-3570K OCed @ 4.4 GHz
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    ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 670
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    CM Storm Trooper w/ CM Storm Stryker panels (black inside, white outside)
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    Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD, 2x 1TB WD Caviar Black, 1x 500GB WD Caviar Blue
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    Cooler Master V850
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    ASUS VW246, VS247, and VS248
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    Cooler Master TPC 812 in push/pull with default fans
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shine 3 Cherry MX Black with Magenta LED
  • Mouse
    Logitech G400s
  • Sound
    CM Storm Ceres 300 headset, Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system, Blue Snowball microphone

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  1. Hey there LTT community, I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be disappearing very soon. I'm headed out to new opportunities outside of Cooler Master, so I won't be here to be your friendly neighborhood contact any longer. Sorry!! I'm not sure if there will be anyone swooping in to replace me as an on-hand contact that many of you have utilized, but I do want to let you all know that you can always contact our customer support team with your questions! If you head over to the CM Fanzone you can hit up a support rep via tickets and Live Chat (region/schedule pending), and for those in the US, you can also reach out via the phone as well. May all of your builds be beautiful, economical, and don't forget to put in the rear I/O shield before installing the motherboard! CM Norumu
  2. Hey folks! Amazon has a solid Deal of the Day going on all kinds of PC parts and components today that you should definitely take advantage of. I would, for obvious reason, like to highlight that our V650 80 Plus Gold Modular 650W PSU is one of the deals. It legitimately doesn't suck, either.
  3. Not sure! I don't directly manage things relating to our YouTube partners, except for data analysis of traction and such. (I'm watching you, Linus) I think we have some reviews going out for 352, but unsure if any are video. What I can tell you, though, is that if you see the reviews of the N200, it's going to be virtually the same for Silencio 352, since they use the same chassis body. The Silencio includes sound dampening panels and a fancier front-panel door (also with sound dampening) and smoother design outlook. The official statement in the warranty states that other components are not guaranteed coverage by the warranty for any damage on a product. The practice is taken case by case, since every situation is different. Context is hugely important in these kinds of situations and I always recommend you document everything, especially with pictures, from installing new hardware to post-damage situation. Human error is the most common component to these kinds of situations, though. While you only may hear about cases where things "spontaneously broke", there are other cases involving incorrect usage and abuse of the product. Things like tugging and pulling on tubing, trying to modify the seals or tubing connections, or even using a corrosive paint to color things all happen, and the only fault is the user in those. When I was on the support team, I know we've covered replacements for components, but it's a very very rare occurrence and takes a lot of time and analysis of the components involved. Luckily, the fluid used in our liquid coolers are non-corrosive and non-conductive on their own. The liquid would only potentially cause electrical issues if there's dust or other particulate in there to ruin that whole conductivity aspect. For many cases, you can clean and dry the components and they may be able to start up again, like the practice of putting a cell phone in a bowl of rice as an example. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Still kicking! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But seriously, no idea on such a thing one way or another. You're welcome! RMAs typically take 2-10 business days once the original is received by the RMA team, pending on stock availability and the amount of work needed to test the products (such as PSUs needing specific testing, while a bent up case is pretty obvious). As for the tracking number, it's put into your records the moment it's created, which isn't necessarily when it ships. Shipping carriers won't have updates on the number until they pickup and scan it into their systems. If it's been a few days, though, contact the support team via account.coolermaster.com to check up on it. Not my puppy, sadly. Nor my snow, also sadly. I'm in Southern California in a no-dogs apartment I have a hard time understanding what you're saying. Want to post or PM me photos, please? Have you checked out the CM Storm Stryker? It's not only awesome, but handles big radiators on top like a boss. New Nepton - Which one? 120, 140, 240, 280 versions are all released! Silencio fans - No idea, it's been pushed back once or twice now Cosmos III - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Haven't heard of any such thing on my end New PSU - I recommend checking this out from CES 2015 Quickfire Elite keyboard - What is this? Motherboards - Doubtful, our operations primarily focus on big pieces of metal, fans, and power/thermal efficiency solutions. Motherboards don't quite fit in our current business model with that. We do make a lot of the passive coolers seen on motherboards and similar systems, though
  5. Hey there LTT and friends! I just wanted to post up a friendly reminder that I am still around on the forums here, albeit I haven't been posting as much. Ever since the forums swapped out the search to Google, I have a bit of a harder time finding mentions from you guys, especially those seeking assistance. With that in mind, if any of you have any questions, be it technical support, random questions about CM, or just anything, please tag me in the thread or shoot me a PM so that I can be alerted and come swiftly to address your needs. Here is a picture of a puppy licking at snow on its face I offer as tribute to you all. Thanks! CM Norumu
  6. Hi! Sorry, I was off at CES last week, and trapped in some internal workshops this week, so I haven't had the chance to come around for a while. This is certainly a very odd situation. If you haven't already taken care of things, I always recommend contacting our support team as the first and foremost in getting assistance and making sure we get records of these kinds of things. From what I can see, it looks like it's just the expansion slot covers with this rust issue. I couldn't tell you what is causing it, as the HAF XB EVO uses SECC with corrosion protection. The covers on this one could have come from some kind of bad or contaminated batch, or there could have been some external reason (ie shipping issues) for it. If it's just those covers, though, they can be replaced. Our warranty covers parts replacements, and you can find expansion slot covers online as well. So, again, talk to our support team. We do warranties for a reason, and this is certainly a weird issue I've never seen before.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Without the Search function on the forums, it's hard to keep up and find threads without being linked like you did above. Also super busy with end of the year stuff! But anyways, next time, you should totally check our own website for up-to-date information, as FM2+ is totally listed there. Also, it's worth noting, that AMD hasn't really changed its CPU cooler mounting methods since AM2, so the mounting is totally possible throughout.
  8. The TX3 will outperform the T2. The T2 is basically meant to replace a stock cooler. It's super simple. Other lower profile ones would be the Hyper N520 and Hyper D92 and they both perform quite a bit above the TX3 and T2. They're meant to be more on-par with the Hyper T4.
  9. According to our end, super low percentage of failures, even lower for those kind of failures. Glacer has been updated, though, with the fixes from Swiftech that included covering that situation.
  10. If you like the aesthetic, Stryker is a great case. I used one for a long while. My favorite bit was turning the front intake fans to draw and exhaust through the side vents up front for my HDDs. I put my system into a smaller case, and I immediately had a lot of cooling issues. My Stryker spoiled me with the airflow.
  11. Thanks! Be a pal and post a review on it too, once you have it and can give it an accurate review If you have any troubles, our support team is here to help.
  12. Since you're in EU, you can find Stacker accessories listed on the EU CM Store
  13. International pricing can be primarily done in two ways: 1) Dynamic based on costs to ship and sell in various nations. Things like importing fees and transportation costs vary based on region, but this allows us to have the lowest cost possible per region while risking different costs in different regions. 2) Locked costs in every region: Means one price fits all, but that basically means that locked price has to scale where the lowest-profitable region still has to be profitable, driving up the costs in other regions just to keep that MSRP consistent across the board. We typically go with #1 because that makes the most sense in terms of making product available globally. We can look to a locked MSRP option, but that may mean outright not doing business in some regions just to keep that price from being out of wack. Psh. I'm much cooler! I'm also very modest, like the most modest person in this industry. Seriously, I'm the best. The Cosmos SE is a smaller Cosmos case. It's actually a mid-tower in terms of the specs, but its external scale can bring it to "full tower size", if size is where you concern is. It may take a degree or two in fluid dynamics and mechanical engineering to fully explain and understand how different fan blade designs work. I do not have these degrees. Basically, different blade shapes interact with the air differently, causing different results. There's a lot of complex math when you're involving curvatures, lengths, amount of blades, etc. Anyone who's worked with propellers (planes, boats, etc) would be able to understand that. I don't really know the specifics of these factors. My technical background is more electrical than mechanical and fluid dynamics, but that's the kind of material I recommend looking into if you want to learn more about fan blade designs. The ribbed FEP tubing is actually chosen for technical reasons. A huge point is that it's MUCH harder to kink the tubes with the ribbed design. Since people are putting some of these things in tiny Mini-ITX machines, or just don't have a lot of space in the first place, it's extremely important to be able to both allow the tubing to bend and flex, but not at all restrict the flow of the liquid. Kinking blocks flow, and that means less effective cooling. Ribbed FEP tubing prevents that compared to smooth rubberized stuff. Also, the material we use is better poised to prevent evaporation in the closed loop system, meaning it will last longer than some others. For example, the newer Swiftech systems, like the 240X, have that nice viewing port to see your liquid level. Now, in a perfect closed loop system, that will never go down. But in some of those systems, it will, because there may not be a perfect seal. I'm not saying the Swiftech coolers aren't awesome, because they really are, especially since they're focused more towards people customizing the loops. Our closed loop systems are not. They're sealed, and we want to be sure they stay sealed so you don't have to worry about leaks or failure. Have you seen the Reaper Mouse and the MECH Keyboard? Because Aluminum plating is a pretty important aspect of those designs. What exactly do you mean? The N200 is super affordable, and you could mount a 240mm radiator in it. That thing is pretty superpowered at 140W of TDP. The Hyper 212 EVO would be able to cool it just fine, with a very tiny amount of room for overclocking, which I assume you're doing since you're thinking about that very expensive unlocked CPU. The V8 GTS would be the best air cooler we have for overclocking potential on it. Otherwise, check out any of our water cooling systems, specifically the Seidon 240M, Nepton 240M (coming very soon!), and the Nepton 280L as your best bets for that beastly CPU. Depends on what you're referencing as most popular. Volume sold? Total sales amount? People recommending? But it's probably the Hyper 212 EVO on all three. Just look at any "What cooler should I get" question in the LTT forums here! I saw some concerns with the Inferno while I was in the support team, but that's pretty much the Inferno on its own. Our Spawn, Havoc, and Mizar mice seem to be the top three from what I've been seeing in regards to various people using it. I know Polt is/was a big fan of our Spawn, and almost the entirety of League of Legends Team Curse uses Mizar. Despite using those for 10+ hours a day, they're going strong. Fabulous question! Seidon - Best bang for the buck in water cooling, especially the Seidon 120V. I think there's some deals happening on Seidon 240M right now too that look really good. It's basically the water cooling "Hyper 212 EVO". Glacer - Built and available for those looking to customize the loop, as it has more standard tubing and fitting sizes for those folks. Nepton - Best of the best. You want cooling? Nepton does it the best. The new Nepton 240M coming out is looking really, really good. There are reviews out there already, so you can see what I'm talking about. Well, we want the keys to feel as accurate to the keyboard as possible. I'm not sure if a C Channel design would fit that, and I know even less about the specifics in the manufacturing process to see if that's even a cheaper method, based on the machining and tooling necessary. Why dedicated multimedia buttons? The problem with things like multimedia, macro, volume control, embedded sound card, RGB... blah blah blah in features that Linus mentioned on stream is that nobody is happy with having them, and nobody is happy without having them. We opted to keep most of out keyboards in a more compact, standard frame. Especially the TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboards. That means no dedicated media keys, but the function is there through modifier controls, which aren't the hardest to handle, in my personal opinion. I use a Trigger Z and a Ducky Shine 3, both of which lack the dedicated keys, but I still manage my multimedia without a hitch on them.
  14. We actually have a CM University article in the works on this exact topic. Keep an eye out on that. Uh... Amazon / Newegg