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  1. What do you mean by demanding task? The most demanding thing I can imagine being done on a mobile is gaming on graphic intensive games like PUBG, which reportedly runs well on a $200 device. I can understand the need for an OLED Display with accurate colors if you're a content creator or heavy consumer and need the colors to be calibrated properly and the blacks to be as intense as they're intended to be. I couldn't find any mid range smartphone with an OLED panel, it seems that only high-mid range and high-end phones feature one. And about the 1440p Display, I lack experience since I've never seen one but it does sound a little overkill to me considering how sharp 1080p is on a mobile, but I guess it can look better if you're into those sort of things.
  2. With iPhones it's different, while I was told by multiple friends who own a regular iPhone 6 that it's not slow at all and performs just fine (you can get a refurbished 6, like new, for about $200 or even a 6s) when it comes to iPhones a $200 price range means a lower resolution Display as well as some other small draw backs. If you're in the iOS market it's very likely that $200 won't cut it for you, unless you're a basic user, as far as I know. Also some $200 Phones surprisingly do have dual cameras as well as 4000 MaH batteries which most flagships lack. Well my $80 phone has a 4000 MaH battery as well for that matter, I don't think it's too big of a deal.
  3. I had this question in my mind for a while, and after discussing it with various acquaintance I figured I'd start a discussion here. I have been browsing and checking out smartphones in the price range of $200 for a while and they seem to provide everything that someone could want from a mobile device. A high resolution display, good performance for multitasking and gaming, fast charging and what not. The average $200 smartphone usually consists of 4GB of RAM, 64 GB ROM, a 1080p Display (LCD obviously) and a decent camera paired with a quick enough processor to handle anything you throw at it with remarkable performance. This raises the question, why would you want to spend more than that on a smartphone? As prices go up, RAM increases to 6 - 8 GB, which are overkill in my opinion, considering my $200 phone, which I got a couple of years ago, can handle 12 apps running at once just fine without shutting down any of them to free up memory. Display resolution may up to 1440p which may look sharper than 1080p but I'm not so sure about that, considering you have to look real hard before you can notice pixels on a 1080p panel. Build quality does get a little better but hardly any phones around $200 have a plastic build, most coming with aluminium frames and in some cases glass backs. Speaking of which, wireless charging is also something you get if you have a greater budget, but it always seemed like a gimmick to me so I don't value it. That said, none of those improvements seem that appealing to someone like me, or to anyone that I know for that matter. A $200 smartphone seems to represent a solid, fast and reliable device. All the more impressive is the fact that my mother's Samsung Galaxy A4 core manages to be as quick as it gets for its $100 price tag (but god forbid you touch games). Of course, the camera is desirable and so is the build, but I find it impressive that a phone that cheap can run that fast, while launching random apps and browsing around a little I really couldn't get it to lag even for a split second. At this point I'm just looking for somebody that can prove me that a $400 or even $700 phone can be worth the price for anyone. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. DarkMesa


  5. I'd go for liquid metal but a few screws got damaged the last time I opened this laptop and I can't manage to open the chassis now, only other option I think is to get a more OP cooling pad that blows the shit out of the laptop, the one I had before wasn't that good.
  6. I was afraid someone would recommend doing so, if there's any other option though I'll take it.
  7. I was afraid someone would recommend doing so, if there's any other option though I'll take it.
  8. I live in a country where a temp of 35 degrees celsius is average (goes up to 40-45 during peak hours of summer) and even after cleaning my laptop's components as well as replacing the thermal paste for both CPU and GPU while gaming the laptop still can't get temps under 90c and always ends up thermal throttling, which makes my fps drop from 50-60 to 30-40 (in Skyrim at least). I used to have a cooling pad but threw it in the trash when I realized it was making no difference what so ever. Any ideas as for how to keep this laptop from thermal throttling like a pregnant horse? Idle temp of the GPU is 57-60. Was overclocked, tried to revert back to base speed but changed nothing. MSI Afterburner or any other software don't allow me to change fan speed for some reason.
  9. My temps while gaming average an 85c, max.90 although it rarely goes that hot, this is for the CPU, my GPU is overclocked at hardly goes above 80.
  10. I've already tried that quite a few times, and as I already said, there's not specific background process consuming either disk or CPU, so that can't be the cause.
  11. Lately I've noticed performance drops in games and other performance issues which are likely related to the CPU of my laptop. These issues get gradually worse (More lag, lower FPS etc.) the more I use the PC. For instance, as soon as I start the Laptop, I can watch 1080p @ 60fps YouTube videos in Fullscreen without any problem, but after 2 hours of CS:GO, even after waiting for the laptop to reach its lowest temps, 768p videos at 60fps keep getting huge lag spikes and run at less than 30 fps. In addition to that, games starts to have FPS drops, lag spikes etc., this is until I restart the PC, where the issue solves itself. I checked the control panel for any anomalies and everything seems to be fine, no program is overusing the CPU, no overheating either. RAM is also doing good. I suspect this issue might be due to either the HD or the CPU failing in some way. Laptop Specs: GT740M 2GB 8GB DDR3 (2 Sticks) i3 1.8Ghz 3rd Gen (2 Cores, 4 Threads) Storage: Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 HD 500GB Split into 2 partitions, the one with windows installed has 12 GB Free.
  12. So I had this problem with my Chinese phone. It's permanently locked until I receive a message that I can no longer receive as the phone number I used to register is no longer available. There's no other way to finish the Phone initial setup without that message and I can't receive it. Thankfully though, some Chinese bloatware allowed me to access the webbrowser from whee I installed Aptoide and later on a Launcher to be able to use the phone, and found out that opening and then closing Discord somehow glitches the setup past the Code Verification part 1 time out of 10 per say. The problem with this is if I'll ever need to format this Device again I might not be able to bypass the Verification Step, so I figured I'd install a custom ROM. The problem is that the device has a Custom Recovery menu since the latest update kicked in. I have no idea how to remove it since I never found myself in this situation before. It only allows me to Update the Device (blocks any Unofficial ROM and older version of the current ROM) and to restart it. Notes: - There's no known way to Root this device, last time I tried I killed it permanently ad had to request a replacement. - The Device model is LeEco le2 pro x620 and is currently running a Custom version of Android 6.0. - Google Apps refuse to work even after Installing all the required Frameworks and Google Services, this is also why I want to flash in a Custom ROM.
  13. I am Italian Well the port works for headphones. I tried to connect my headset to another laptop and no new device showed up in recording devices, but for some odd reason, the device that usually controls the integrated mic (Realtek High Definition Audio) started picking up sound from the Microphone on my headset. I found this weird because I thought it would show up as a new device. On my current laptop that device just keep handling the integrated mic and doesn't react when my Headset is connected.
  14. Got a new headset because my current headset's microphone won't show up in recording devices after messing around with the Driver for hours New headset was the same price of my old one, only difference is that it isn't Chinese branded, turns out my Chinese headset's audio quality is supreme compared to branded headset I connect the headset's microphone jack with 2 adapters so it's gotta show up right? Wrong Dead wrong. Note: The laptop's jack has both Microphone and Headset icon. Is it lying to me? Note 2: The adapters work correctly on my other systems. Note 3: I reinstalled, rolled back and updated the driver 3 times. Last Note: My old headset's microphone won't show up either. Note 4.1: On other PCs Microphone works fine.
  15. 400$ Budget for PC without GPU, don't have much choice.