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    Japan, Computers, Anime
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    Fell in love with Japan when I was in high school, now I teach English there.
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  1. MandoPanda

    Laptop Webcam Quality

    You must have me confused with the other guy that has a gif of Linus on the bottom of a boring sexual encounter for a profile picture.
  2. Why are built-in laptop webcams still so poor in this day and age? I know that Linus has always expressed his exasperation whenever a $1000 up laptop comes with a potato instead of a webcam, but why is this the case? Obviously small but good cameras are not hard to do, they are ubiquitous in smartphones today. I'm not asking for the camera to record in 4k, I just want a 1080p image that doesn't make me look like a hot pile of garbage. What do you all think?
  3. MandoPanda

    What Happened to the old staff?

    They all still work for LMG. CSF died pretty much when Nicky V. left to follow his passion (nothing wrong with that). Colton tried to keep it going but it eventually petered out. I too miss the CSF content and seeing all of the fun they had doing crazy and wackey things, but that is just part of the evolution of the company. They have a lot more content they push out now-a-days compared to then when they could just shoot extra fun things on the side. Jon still writes for Tech Quickie. Dennis's responsibilities have shifted, Taran edits, Colton deals with sales, they are still doing their jobs, just a lot more of it compared to back in the day. The channel has evolved, people will leave, things will change. But the thing that doesn't change is the drive for more viewers / more income. There is nothing that can be done if the content changes resulting in more viewers gained than lost. If anything, I would like to see James take over CSF because I like his personality.
  4. MandoPanda

    Apple Sued After Magsafe Adapter Lights Owner On Fire

    Pics or didn't happen.
  5. MandoPanda

    Apple Sued After Magsafe Adapter Lights Owner On Fire

    There's nothing wrong with liking magsafe... unless you also like DEATH
  6. MandoPanda

    Apple Sued After Magsafe Adapter Lights Owner On Fire

    There are no details in the article. It's like two paragraphs.
  7. Mark this post as the answer.
  8. MandoPanda

    Is this it? This is life?

    Life is not a video game or a movie. But you can find a hobby or go out on the weekends to the mountains or the beach or something. Life is pretty much just one giant grind if you think about it. One of my favorite quotes:
  9. MandoPanda

    Floatplane worth it?

    You get to support these awesome creators! And you get the videos early. It's up to you bud!
  10. MandoPanda

    Sayonara Tax

    Technology is more expensive in Japan. I love how you are the embodiment of sarcasm. Good on you dude. A living troll god.
  11. MandoPanda

    Can you NO U a NO U?

    Pretty sure you are legally required to respond with "ur mum".
  12. MandoPanda

    Razer Blade Stealth vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

    I'm not ready to buy yet. I take a long time to make decisions. Wanted to know what the community though. Hit me with some suggestions. I picked these two because they fit my need almost perfectly. The X1 is stealing my heart though... If anything I would be purchasing from the US.
  13. MandoPanda

    New iPhone 11 Launching Q3

    Is water wet though? https://neologikonblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/05/is-water-wet-a-philosophical-inquiry/
  14. MandoPanda

    New iPhone 11 Launching Q3

    Phones is what we are talking about. I thought this was a civil discussion. I guess not.