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  1. I fixed it!!! It was V-sync with a 60hz monitor. Thanks for your help!
  2. My driver version is 445.75.
  3. It said that it did not know what my cpu and gpu was and some other things. I will try again in a bit.
  4. I will try it tomorrow because it is 11 pm were i live.
  5. I build a pc the other day with a 3600 and a rtx 2060 super, but there is an issue. I dont get 100+ fps in games like gta v (30 fps) and minecraft(60 and my friend with the same gpu has over 200). Is there a fix for this problem? Thanks for the help Ps heaven benchmark on 1080p ultra was 140 fps
  6. i cant even begin the download because it doesnt think there is a disk installed
  7. hi i have a dvd player on my pc and its not responding properly. i put a dvd (gta 5) in the reader and doent show up. I tried to update the drivers, but that doesnt make a diffrence at all. thanks (I know im old but i got it for a very nice deal ;))
  8. Hi, If I want to game my pc uses the intel graphics instead of my gpu (amd laptop) It happens in games like minecraft and rainbow 6 siege. Thanks
  9. Hi Is 80+ bronze 600w with i5 8600k and gtx 1080ti aio watercooled enough? Thanks