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  1. I like this build but looking for a smaller case, I seen a prodigy and slightly bigger than what I want.
  2. I also like to play Starcraft on my big screen and will need the graphics power to run it on Ultra at 1080p. I have grown accustomed playing on max detail and i cannot go back. I forgot to mention I need the capabilities of a Blu Ray player for the movies I actually buy, if i need to buy a expensive slim I will.
  3. The new 750 ti is pretty cool with the new Maxwell design and would love to replace my big old rig with a new small sleek, ultra efficient PC. The primary use of this pc is just to stream blu ray with full 7.1 surround, casual gaming (HearthStone, lol) and pictures, lots of pictures. I'm not planning on over clocking and I want to build this as small as I can. My budget is $1000 but I am selling my old rig for $400 so I can probably stretch it a bit and I already have a 120gb corsair ssd for boot drive. Pretty sure I am going to use the Evga Gtx 750 Ti, ASUS Z87I-DELUXE motherboard, because i need the ac wifi built in aspect of it (Its a lot of bandwidth streaming big blu ray movies across the house). Any help with suggestions will be a great help, and I don't mind spending couple extra bucks on quality and I am Canadian.
  4. budget = $1500ish been googling all of your guys suggestions and here is what i think 4670k noctua nh-l9i maximus gene vi kingston ram 2x4gb intel 530 240gb wd black 3 tb case is still unsure about, prodigy is a maybe but looking for more of a shorter case. psu seen 7 year warranty on a 760i and leaning towards that i suppose the case needs to support a slim optical blu ray drive. any suggestions on good quiest fans?
  5. dont have a budget but lookin for best value but going for a red theme as well.
  6. i was thinking about re-purposing my old z68 sli but my buddy offered to buy it. so that sets me up for a new combo. This is the part list i have in mind: 4770k- with more games using more cores, it will be needed for longevity. mobo- this i dont have really know what to go for but want it quiet, m-atx for sure tho (suggestions?) ram- some low profile 2x8 gb sticks (suggestions?) psu- ??? i want it to handle 1x most powerful gpu (780ti classy kp ov/oc) and fit in m-atx case (suggestions?) videocard- will use my existing 680 ftw 4gb case: looking for good value and smallish (suggestions?) optical- best slim, blu ray ready drive (suggestions?) wifi- htpc is located on the other side of the house so streaming a full 1080p with 5.1 surround gets laggy. i got a asus ac router and thinking about getting asus ac pci-e adaptor ssd: intel 530 240gb ssd hard drive: wd black 3 tb cpu heatsink- this system will be probably be on 24/7, quietness and compatibility with case (suggestions?) windows??? 8.1 or 7 will be replacing the stock fans with something quieter and low rpm most likely. i believe i have all the bases covered. any suggestions will be appreciated.
  7. http://www.shopbot.ca/nvidia-geforce-gtx-680/graphics-cards/components/canada/83/r/3998
  8. i wished i bought 2x classy's, i settled with 1 notch down with 680 ftw 4gb. the classy's run quieter and cooler than my ftw's. and with evport with evbot, you can achieve some awesome overclocks.
  9. those 2 670 4gb will run that monitor perfectly and even get 60 fps at max settings, i have same monitor and evga 680 ftw 4gb cards in sli and i run everything smooth except for metro 2033, that game requires so much power, the real test for my 680s will be crysis 3 at max setting.
  10. if you are gaming on a single 1080p monitor than 1 670 2gb will be great. i almost think a 690 is useless, a sli setup which is a 690 is best for multi monitor or high res monitors but once you crank up the settings you hit the vram wall and bam 690 useless cause you need more vram and thats where the 4gb cards come in handy.
  11. the 8000 series are coming very soon, maybe wait, or 7970 ghz in crossfire, a lot easier to sell a 7970 than a 7990 for upgrade money.
  12. Comes with triple over voltage by default according to MSI's website. I'll be able to tell you soon when mine arrive too.. it sucks how nvidia slapped msi wrists and told evga to take of evbot port on their 680 classifed to stop over volting, a link about msi pe cards and overvolting http://www.tomshardware.com/news/MSI-GTX-660-670-overvolting-PowerEdition,18013.html MSI got back to us with a very enlightening statement. Here’s an excerpt: We are currently not aware of any other vendor providing this same level of performance and we’ve worked with NVIDIA to ensure that new production models will limit this free overclock boost you currently get. Our new production models with normal GPU Boost function will be on sale next month.
  13. is there a good place to watch anime dubbed for free online?