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Posts posted by BleakCracker

  1. 23 minutes ago, jools said:

    just write your questions, all at once , then post



    21 minutes ago, vorticalbox said:

    You could just create a google form with your questions and post it. This would like you make conclusions over a group or pick the best one and use that.

    I've added a google form.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Doramius said:

    What specific area of computer science?  Logic, software, hardware, forensic, networking/inter-networking, deployment, etc.   Understanding this might also give you better and more detailed answers, especially if you do a google form and post it for a group.

    It's in the programming field.

  3. Just now, NVIDIAIIAIAIAII said:

    nice troll

    I'm in an argument with a friend and he argues that you can use thermal paste as toothpaste. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, mrgooglegeek said:

    jesus christ kid. Why dont you try it. JK i would stick to toothpaste


    I need quick results. What about spray paint?

  5. Just post your most favored ability, superpower, or perfect talent.

    My most wanted ability may be cruel, but it is needed. I have always wanted the power to make people feel pain. Like I could just be thinking about someone and make excruciating pain shoot through them. Or if I'm evil enough I could just let them have a slowly increasing migraine that goes on for hours.

  6. http://www.365airsoftshop.com/images/airsoft_mask/Chiefs%20M06%20Full%20Face%20Airsoft%20Mask%20Black%20God3.jpg

    This Mask, has the extreme power to intimidate all airsoft opponents. Not a single human will be able to look me in the eyes without feeling fear pierce through their lifeless body as I drown them with many plastic pellets of pain. God help them. But in the serious part of this, I bought this mask because I was bored and it looked cool.

  7. Well it's all your preference. The main thing you need to focus on is your CPU and your GPU. The cost of those need to be more significant that that, of say, your case or type of ram. As long as you have a moderate ram amount than you'll be fine. Don't go overboard or useless things like threaded cables or a power supply cover, and later on down the road you can upgrade your stoarage size and maybe get some SSD. Just make smart decisions.

  8. Well I used to have an eMachine, my parents bought it for me for my birthday so I would finally have a computer to use. It was absurdly slow, and had terrible integrated graphics (God help me.) and a few years after I've had the computer I told my parents I really needed a new computer that could process my games faster and could actually play them. They tried to tell me that if I would delete a bunch of, as they said, "Shit." I could run the games better. So I tried to tell them that's not how it works, but they argued with me. Poor souls. And still to this day they complain on how I've wasted my time and money on my computer.