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  1. That's sort of the logic that I had too after a little bit of research, it would be a lateral upgrade... no noticeable change in performance for the most part. The only hope I had was the fact that FX 8350 is bottlenecking the pair of RX480s, but it's not like much today (in terms of games) can make use of dual GPU's, so moving to the i5 platform would let me make more use of the GPU's, BUT the Omen motherboard only has a single PCIE slot so I wouldn't even be able to use both RX480's anyhow... I think a platform change would just get me where I need to be and leave upgrade room in the future, as Nocte said. Change the MOBO, CPU, and RAM for now, maybe even sell off what I can along with the two RX480's and use the funds for a single higher end RTX card. And yeah I'm in no rush for the upgrade, I could happily wait for some Black Friday sales :) Thanks for the input guys!
  2. So I'm LONG overdue for a new system... I've been rocking my FX 8350 since release date... Current specs are: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard FX 8350 at stock clock (cannot get a stable OC with the Asus board to save my life, so I've just lived with stock clock speeds) CPU cooled by a Cooler Mast V8 (the original model) 32gb HyperX Fury RAM (4x8gb) DDR3 A matching par if XFX RX 480 8GB reference cooler style graphics cars (got a good deal on the pair, even though I knew the FX is a MASSIVE bottle neck for them...) 1tb Crucial SATA SSD Corsair CX750M power supply All wrapped in an Antec 902 case I feel it's fair to say that the system is maxed out as it is... About the only thing I could do is give it more than 1tb of storage... Last year I built my wife a new entry level rig comprised of a Ryzen 3 and a GTX 1060. When it comes to gaming, her system wipes the floor with mine... I've never been a prebuilt fan (granted if you're on LTT forum, I doubt you are either...), so I've been looking into building a new system based on a Ryzen 7 and an RTX 2060 at least. But I just came upon a deal that I'm entertaining, and I wanted to see how you guys think the experience would compare to my current setup. HP Omen, unmutilated Whatever HP motherboard inside i5 7400 8gb RAM (single stick) DDR4 HP specific (it looks like at least) GTX 1060 3gb 1TB SATA WD Blue HDD Comes with the 23" monitor, not sure about the specs with it. All in the original boxes. $300 If I pull the trigger, I could transfer over and reuse my SATA 1TB SSD as my main boot drive, keeping the WD Blue for extra storage. But as far as the rest of the old system is, I could part it out and invest in other upgrades to the Omen such as memory, MAYBE a GPU upgrade. Not sure what the CPU compatibility is with the system, but maybe even a CPU upgrade to an i7? But I guess all that depends on what I get from parting out the old system... Thoughts?
  3. Love the overall look of this rig! Also love the use of the FX8350. I still rocking mine and after building the wife's Ryzen system last Christmas, I kept telling myself I want to build a new Ryzen system for myself, but the 8350 just keeps performing and I can't bring myself to get rid of the old girl lol. Oddly enough Windows 10 didn't seem to take too well to overclocking it... very unstable with constant lockups and restarts. Wasn't the case with Windows 7. But I've resorted back to stock speeds and it's stable, and 8350 still performs great. Multitasking kills the wife's Ryzen even though the Ryzen's single core performance puts the 8350's single core to shame
  4. This is WAY more common than it should be... random person - "my hard drive wont turn on, can you look at it?" me - "what? how do you know that's what's wrong with... nevermind..." *insert face palm here*
  5. thanks first time building a white PC since the late 90's LMAO I've always been partial to black for custom builds
  6. Well I couldn't help myself... I jumped the gun and gave her the PC early... Didn't think I'd be able to keep it under wraps for another 2 weeks lol Stepped the clock speed up to 3.7ghz and she's still cool, quiet, and stable. Not going to push it too much further on the stock cooler. She's super happy and excited, which makes me happy. I'd say it was a success! Birthday coming up, might get her a larger monitor lol
  7. To this day my step-mother calls it a "UBS port"... And a guy that use to work with me told me he wanted "HDMI headlights for his car", referring to HID headlights... auto related, but still...
  8. I would have to agree with the above. Shouldn't effect the manufacture warrantee. And yeah those are the first partitions to go when I refresh anyone's prebuilt system... Useless waste of disc space for anyone with half a brain and an OS installer...
  9. Made a shroud yesterday for the optical drive. Looks MUCH better than bare aluminum... Used some white plastic that I had laying around, worked perfect. I attempted to make a similar shroud/backplate for the 1060 but it turned out terrible looking lol Also made a quick DIY magnetic mount for the LED remote with a little round magnet, a rubber cushion, and some double sided tape. Will let her keep the remote nearby attached to the case wherever she wants to put it.
  10. well I just stumbled upon this so apparently it's a thing http://community.coolermaster.com/topic/22626-v8-cooler-is-am4-compatible-with-bracket-mod/
  11. I haven't purchased anything yet for it, just planning ahead. I still can't understand why AMD had to go and change it up after all these years lol
  12. Has anyone made a DIY conversion to fit an AM3 mounted cooler onto an AM4 platform, or is such a thing even possible? I'll be changing over from my FX8350 setup to a Ryzen 1700 or 1700x, am currently running a Coolermaster V8 (original, not the V2), and LOVE the aesthetics and performance of it, and would like to keep it if possible. With the 8350 being 125w and the 1700 being 65w and 1700x being 95w, the cooler is rated for handling 180w and keeps the 125w 8350 nice and cool, there shouldn't be ANY cooling performance issues keeping the Ryzen cool, but I don't see there being any easy way to transfer it over to an AM4 platform as I'm sure Coolermaster will not be making AM4 mounting for this discontinued cooler... I'm not even sure if they will or do for the newer V8 GTS, and even if they do I'm not sure if the mounting setup on the cooler is the same between it and the older one...
  13. Well it's certainly purple! (despite the photos making it look pink...) Keep in mind the clear plastic is still on the side window. I wont rob her of that pleasure of removing it Luckily the LED's can be dimmed lol As a need side effect of the LED's dimming via PWM, the fan blades become visible while in motion This baby is pretty peppy too. I thought my FX 8350 and SSD was quick. This thing boots to the Windows 10 Pro desktop before the monitor turns on that I'm using for setup lol. I think it's going to work out great for her
  14. Everything got thrown together last night! No hitches during assembly. I popped the shroud off the stock Ryzen cooler and rotated the fan 90 degrees because it struck an OCD nerve and wanted it facing right side up... Also ditched the thermal paste it came with and applied some Arctic Silver 5. Was able to easily route and hide all the cables and wires accept for the 8 pin CPU/motherboard connector. Would have been much cleaner if the case had a larger hole up at the top of the motherboard tray so I could keep it behind the motherboard, but I was able to hide it for the most part between the rear exhaust fan and IO shield. The only few last cosmetic mods I plan to do is put some black vinyl wrap on the inside of the other side panel so it's white doesn't show threw the openings in the black internal structure, and also see what it looks like if I use the same black vinyl wrap to cover the rear housing of the optical drive because it looks absolutely hideous, sticking out like a sore thumb right now through the side panel window... Don't know if I want to do white or black on it though; maybe get both colors and hold them up and see how they look. The side of it may be a good spot for some stickers of some sort But overall I think it's a pretty clean looking build! Haven't even powered it up since I got it all together lol so this weekend I'll get it fired up and load an OS on it and some programs, then put it back in the case box where it'll sit until Christmas unless I get antsy and give it to her for an early gift lol
  15. What it looks like loaded with parts Building in it isn't too bad. Didn't find any finger slicing edges, so that's always a plus. Plenty of holes for cable routing and securing, although one spot that I really wish I could have routed a cable through is behind the motherboard at the very top to let the 8 pin power plug come up and out from behind the board. You end up having to route it up from the bottom through a hole under the board so it has to run all the way up the height of the board to get to the 8 pin connector at the very top of the board... Some clever routing will secure it mostly out of sight right behind the rear exhaust fan and above the IO sheild, but simply placing a hole large enough at the top of the motherboard tray large enough for the cable to run through would be MUCH more convenient... And the placement of the optical drive and the side window has the bare shell of the optical drive staring you in the face. Have to get creative with a custom made shroud or just some vinyl wrap over the drive to make it blend in some. I plan to do the vinyl wrap route and see how it comes out. Also didn't notice until now how much the white inside wall of the other side panel stands out through the holes in the black interior, so some black vinyl wrap should take care of that if it bothers you (which it does me...) And the rear looks and feels much more premium with some METAL thumb screws used