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  1. Update: I took a gamble and bought a couple of W-2140b CPUs. They worked just fine. I didn't even have to update the BIOS for them to be recognized correctly.
  2. I’m getting ready to build a Plex server with some components I have at my disposal. I’m just not sure what would best the best CPU out of the three I have. I have an i7 7820x / X299 mobo, an Xeon W-2140b / c422 mobo or an i7 8700k / Z370 mobo to choose from. I have more RAM for the c422 motherboard. 64GB as opposed to 32GB for the other two motherboards, if that matters. Video cards to choose from are either an NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB or GTX 1070. From the research I’ve done so far I’m leaning towards the 8700k with no NVIDIA card due to Intel quick sync but I’m not sure if that is the best combo. Any suggestions on which combination would be best?
  3. Thanks for the reply. ASUS's website doesn't list any of the Xeon W 21xxB models on their CPU compatibly charts for any of their C422 boards. I was hoping that someone here had some experience using the Apple only versions of the Xeon W in a C422 mobo. Just don't want to buy one, then it not work, and be stuck with it.
  4. Hi, I've got a couple of ASUS WS C422 SAGE/10G mobos. Does anyone know if the Apple specific Intel Xeon W-21xxB CPU's will work in them?
  5. I joined this forum just to reply to this post in case someone else has similar problems. I also had the exact same problem after switching from a lowly HD5450 to a HD4850. I had the exact same symptoms. No matter what I installed or uninstalled, absolutley nothing worked. And no sound solution could be found anywhere on the internet (at least I could find none, this is the best post i found, but lacking the all important solution..) So after much trial and error,I finally got it working, but you may not like it. I had to reinstall Windows 7. Then I installed just the 13-9-legacy_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc_whql driver. I did not install a separate SDK install of any kind (it's included in the driver package). I'm now running happily along with cgminer 3.7.2, but it was two days of absolute frustration... I hope this helps someone out there!