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  1. Yeah.. I mean Razer does usually make nice things... Though recently my Razer mouse gave out just as it got out of warranty, which was annoying. So I'm having my doubts about their QC lately. $1400 is pretty good though. I'll check out the Acer!
  2. Those are some nice suggestions, thank you I think I'm starting to lean towards a dedicated GPU, those laptops look like they line up better with what I want. The Zephyrus actually looks really nice It'll just take some time for me to get over my AMD prejudice xp Had some bad experiences in the past with them. Aaand thank you for the reviews! I'll keep what you said in mind while I'm looking! I was liking the MSI laptops but yeah, flimsy or poor build quality isn't nice, especially when the thing isn't particularly cheap. Looking forward to hearing from you :3
  3. Okay, let's give a max of around 3 Kg / 6.5 lbs
  4. That looks really awesome Wigit Thank you! I'll definitely keep this in mind. I like it. Nothing wrong with a gaming laptop. I meant those really big chunky ones that need two power bricks, like the one in the video I linked. Weight isn't too big of an issue, I just want it to fit in a regular backpack If it's 8GB of RAM then it needs to be upgradable, anything 16GB+ I'd be happy with it soldered in. Touch screen isn't a must, just a huge plus.
  5. Evenin' all o/ I posted almost two years ago asking for suggestions for a replacement of my old laptop and just never had the time to do it... BUT, it's come time that I need to and I could really use some help. I am going to be moving overseas soon! And no longer will I have a desktop at home and a laptop on the go I re-watched the portable gaming setup video ( linked below ) and am wondering what everyone's opinions are, whether the video is still relevant or if any new and exciting options have opened up! I would really appreciate the help. To get to the meat of it, I'm looking for a laptop that I can use for work and play. I'll probably get myself a screen and a keyboard at home to plug into ( along with an external GPU if it comes to that ), so having decent I/O for that would really be ideal. I want something that's good value! I'll say a max budget of $2,000 if it's really worth it, but I would rather not spend all of that in one go I'll be using it to play games like Warthunder and Wargame and occasionally push it with Starcitizen, as well as use it for work and study, doing development, digital drawing and watching videos. I don't want one of those massive gaming laptops, I still need to be able to carry the thing around, but I don't necessarily need an ultralight. So.. 15 - 17" is generally what I'm looking at, I do like big screens. 1080p is fine, preferably a touch screen. I neeed an SSD. Any extra storage would be great but I can live without, as long as I have a nice responsive SSD. Battery life isn't too big of an issue, 4+ hours would be nice but I'm willing to make a compromise. Right now I have 32Gbs of RAM in my desktop and as sad as I would be to downgrade I am alright with 8, though the ability to upgrade would be very nice. 16 Preferable. I want an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, mostly because of personal bias exact models are... flexible, as long as they get the job done, I don't need to show off. I am definitely open to en external GPU. Do I have to mention Windows 10? I think that's everything! Typing this up pretty late so if I've missed something I'll fill it in. Thank you for any advice in advance
  6. Oh, damn that's pretty soon. This is the kind of info I thought I might be missing when I decided to bring it up on the forum. I'm not in any rush so I'll wait it out and see what comes up!
  7. I'm a little out of the loop <_> When do you think we'll start seeing those? Thanks for the help though
  8. I've been looking for a replacement for my runaround laptop. I mostly use it for work, productivity, simple media streaming like watching movies in bed or on the move and sometimes using Steam's game streaming. It's not really for gaming, but a little extra power never hurt. I've had my eye on the Lenovo Flex 5 with a 512Gb SSD and a pen because I like the flexibility of a stylus and touchscreen, which I would replace with my own Wacom tablet while at home, and the folding is nice if I'm going to be using it to watch stuff while in bed or traveling. But I haven't been able to find anything similar. I wanted to ask what your opinion of the laptop is? If you know of any alternatives that are similar and perhaps better? I'd set my budget at around $1,000.00. Really what I'm looking for is at least a 1080p, touchscreen that can fold or somehow make itself more convenient. An SSD would be a plus, so would a stylus and any extra power :b Also a numpad would go down pretty well in my books.