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  1. At my work, our current computer situation leaves us without cables for a few weeks, and its an old windows 7 desktop computer. It doesent have wifi so i bought a wifi usb dongle to temporarily remedy the situation. But i needed to install the drivers for the dongle on the computer, which requires and internet connection, so i attempted to connect my iphone 7 to the computer using an iphone charger and share my 4g to get the drivers installed, but when i shared the internet via tethering (following instructions found on google) the computer did not find my iphone 7 as an option to connect. I attempted several times. Any ideas? (Not 100% sure if this was posted in the correct sub forum, i apologize in advance)
  2. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Wow, thats extremely generous, has to be alot of work to do considering you dont charge anything Also i used the software you told me about and i was able to just click merge and the software did the rest in a matter of minutes Thanks alot for all the help <3
  3. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Ok, thanks for all the help Might ask again if i hit any more bumps in the road
  4. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Using the software you recommended i am able to "merge" the unallocated partition with the C: Drive, should i do that?
  5. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Thanks i will check that out Can i format space that is not allocated to anything yet though? Those 450GB arent allocated to anything.
  6. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Those 800 or so MB Is a "restore partition" same as the 450MB in the beginning.
  7. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    How do i remove it then?
  8. Unable to allocate more space to C: Drive

    Format what? The C: Drive?
  9. I currently have 450GB of space on my C: Drive. I have another 450GB thats free that i would like to allocate there. However when i right click the C: Drive to "Expand Volume" the option is greyed out, any ideas?
  10. Wireless Earbuds Recommendations

    Im looking for recommendations on a pair of wireless earbuds. Ive been looking at the Apple Airpods beacuse of their long battery time and lack of a wire between the earbuds themselves. Are there any better alternatives out there though? Im looking for: 1: Battery Life 2: Audio Quality 3: Durability 4: Design
  11. Streaming PC to TV In living room

    Ok, thanks!
  12. Streaming PC to TV In living room

    Does It require a Smart TV?
  13. Streaming PC to TV In living room

    Broadcast my game to my laptop and hook the laptop up to the TV? But wont there be a delay like Twitch?
  14. Streaming PC to TV In living room

    I wanted to play the games on my PC on my TV In the living room. To do this i realized I would either have to move the computer back and forth or get a 40m long HDMI cable (not even sure if those exist). Is there a way to stream wirelessly from the PC to the TV In the living room? Without lag ofcourse and good picture quality. The signal needs to go through a door (which Is relatively thin) but also a bearing wall (which Is thicker than a normal wall). Are there any products out there that do this?
  15. Facebook help

    Ahh, okay then, thanks