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  1. i managed to get myself into the BIOS and boot from the USB stick. Now i got everything under control, thanks for helping out guys!
  2. Yeah, i will try, but the owner says that he got it right from the store (just got a kind of a discount for buying it through the school). He says noone has set it in this enterprise or whatever mode. th school claims that they hasnt done it and that they cant help out.
  3. Since it is a brand new pc that is not owned by me, i would prefer if i didnt have to open it to replace the drive or force launch of bios
  4. DalekPhalm, its a HP probook 430 G6. There is no important data on the computer and the owner just needs windows 10 factory reset so that he can set it up and use it.
  5. Jarno, that was what i planned on doing, but i cant access the bios because the computer is locked by the school or something..
  6. i dont know, the tech support on the school is trash and cant do shit. I though i could factory reset the computer with a windows 10 usb stick, but i cant acess bios without administrator rights
  7. So my mom works with a guy who just bough a computer through his school. The pc SHOULD not get in the hands of the school itself, but it arrived in enterprise mode. The guy forgot his password and wants to reset the computer. i said: no problem, but that was before i found out it was in enterprise mode. Is there any easy way for him to access the computer, possibly reset the PC to factory settings without formating the drive and reinstalling windows. The school says they cant help and we dont know who is the administrator of the PC.
  8. Thats sad news, but i do understand the reasoning behind it. Thank you for your reply. will try finding some alternatives then, i guess i could just connect my phone to my laptop and move files as if it was a hard drive, but thats boring.
  9. At the Samsung unpacked event for the galaxy note 10 and note 10+, Samsung announced a collaboration with Microsoft which allows Galaxy note 10 users to connect their phones to a windows PC and open Sasmung Dex on the laptop in a window just like any other app. I was wondering if anyone know when and if this feature will be available for older models (my current phone is an s9+). I would really like to use this feature to easily transfer files between my laptop and phone.
  10. I want to be able to charge all my devices with a single usb-c cable. If i were to buy the: Samsung galaxy note 10+ (45w) Galaxy book s (45w) Galaxy tab s6 (25w) Galaxy buds (idk) Sony wh-1000xm3 (7.5w?) Could i then charge the laptop, phone, tablet, headset and earbuds using the same 45w charger (that samsung will be selling for the phone and laptop) to charge every device. I guess it would work just fine and i know that you can most of the time charge high speed supported devices with slower chargers at slow speeds, but can i SAFELY charge my low speed supported devices with a high speed cable. Will the devices regulate the input so that it only draw as much power as needed and not more which wont damage the battery over time or maybe even overheat or start a fire