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    RGB Island
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    PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Android, Windows, Vintage Gaming, C, C+, C++, Computers, Music, LAN Partys, Building computers and RGB COMPUTER CASES!!!!
  1. darraghj1243

    Which part should I upgrade first?

    The RAM and CPU would be the first thing I'd upgrade.
  2. darraghj1243

    Best Xbox 360 LAN Party Games?

    I'm looking to have an Xbox 360 LAN Party. I'm not usre on what games to play. There are 3 Xboxs between 5-6 Players. Only a few of the players will have Xbox Live Gold, the rest silver, so try to keep it just to System Link. A few I have so far: Halo 3 Halo 4 Halo Reach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Gears of War 3 Call of Duty 4 MW
  3. darraghj1243

    OS for Media Server

    Ubuntu would be OK for your needs, also, try LuUbuntu
  4. darraghj1243

    Help with house network

    Try use powerline adapters for what you can, and Mesh for the WiFi things.
  5. darraghj1243

    Is 12 Mbps connection enough for gaming?

    12 Mbps is fine for gaming for 1-3 people. When I am gaming on the go, I use 5Mbps capped 4G, there is no lag or anything, you will be fine.
  6. darraghj1243

    The Best Free LAN Party PC Games?

    None if the machines have Steam or Origin (Yes, I know, but my gaming pc does)
  7. darraghj1243

    The Best Free LAN Party PC Games?

    I have Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 10 on the many machines. I don't want to switch to Linux. I tried Ubuntu and the machines and while it runs well, I just prefer MacOS and Windows
  8. darraghj1243

    The Best Free LAN Party PC Games?

    I have all the games listed on the computers, They all are full games and work fine, and I didn't pay a dime. (AssaultCube is a FREE, open source,fps game for older and less powerful PCs)
  9. darraghj1243

    Wireless Adaptor for school

    I use the Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter. It has nice speed and is small! You can also buy a small belkin box, that you can set up to connect to your WiFi, then you can connect your devices to the ethernet ports on it. The link to the dongle: https://www.amazon.com/Edimax-EW-7811Un-150Mbps-Raspberry-Supports/dp/B003MTTJOY/ref=sr_1_5?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1503861293&sr=1-5&keywords=usb+wifi+adapter
  10. darraghj1243

    The Best Free LAN Party PC Games?

    Does anybody know of any good PC games that are free and have LAN features? (We prefer First Person Shooters) They also new to run on older computers (Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, GMA950,160GB HDD,Windows 7) A few I have: Halo: CE AssaultCube HalfLife 1 Counter Strike 1.6 TF 2