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  1. Yeah the BIOS says the max is 1.55V. I don't have a multimeter
  2. I haven't tried that however I did just find another random forum where some people where saying the BIOS for the 970Extreme3 R2.0 is written backwards so enabled = disabled and vice versa. I'll have to give it a try
  3. My friend did mention to give the vcore another 0.01 or 0.02 increase but I didn't think that would do anything if it's only using 1.32V. Is there perhaps any chance that it is in fact running 1.4V and my readings are incorrect so it's just not set high enough?
  4. Thanks for replying so fast! As I mentioned I did have a look at LLC and it has 3 options, Auto, Enabled and Disabled. The BIOS description says auto mode sets it to enabled for AM3 socket processors and disabled for AM3+ processors which is what the FX-6300 is. According to the user manual enabled is supposed to completely disable vdrop and run at the set voltage however this does not happen.
  5. Hi everyone I am having some really strange problems while Overclocking. So so the first thing to note is this is not a PSU problem and I have plenty of power. So basically I entered BIOS and disabled AMD power management, turbo boost and clock speed limit. I then achieved a overclock of 4.4GHz with 1.4V set on Vcore. However I was getting some random crashes which at first I thought was my old HDD. But after running a test on prime95 I found it would not run the test on core 6 so 5 where at 100% and core 6 was 0%. I also noticed that the CPU was only using 1.32V despite being set to 1.4V so thinking it was just prime95 being weird I did a video rendering test with premiere pro which put cores 1 - 6 at 95% no problems but still only 1.32V on vcore. Then for a split second all cores hit 96% and instant crash. So after talking to my friend who helped me overclock in the first place he told me it's probably vdrop so I enabled CPU load line which according to my MB instructions is supposed to disable vdrop however there was 0 difference. so basically I have a CPU which is more than capable of doing 4.4GHz but won't take the required voltage. Can anyone help me figure out how to disable vdrop and run at 1.4V like its supposed to. CPU is FX-6300 MB is Asrock 970Extreme3 R2.0 *Edit: Forgot to mention I have restored base clocks and it now runs 100% on all cores at 3.5GHz
  6. Ok everyone sorry for late reply I have been very busy. So I ended up getting SpeedFan to control the GPU fan curve which works fine but is not as accurate as I would have liked. In response to what you guys have been saying I can't afford a new GPU right now sadly and I have had 0 problems relating to PSU. I had my CPU overclocked to 4.4GHz but had to restore original clocks but it was not caused by the PSU and I have more than enough power to do it. For some reason vdrop causes the system to draw no more than 1.32V through vcore even with it set to 1.4 in BIOS and Load Line set to enabled which is supposed to turn off vdrop. The OC is completely stable on cores 1 - 5 at 100% usage however as soon as core 6 hits 95% everything crashes. This is because the CPU doesn't have enough voltage but the system won't draw more for some reason. I think I will make a seperate dedicated thread for this tho.
  7. Hi everyone! I decided to post this problem here as it is a great site and I know I am more likely to find a proper solution here. So my problem is very simple, I want to be able to set a custom automatic fan curve for my AMD Sapphire R9 280 NON X EDITION. It is factory OC at 940MHz and when it reaches that speed it usually runs around 75 - 80c. I noticed that at this temp the fans are only running around 30 - 40% capacity which I assume is to keep noise levels down. However as I am already running 2 radiator fans which reach 100% at 60c I really don't care about noise levels. So I am trying to eliminate random FPS drops from the card suddenly underclocking when it reaches it's max temp limit. I attempted to OC it further but it's a bad chip and even a +10MHz OC caused instant crash. I tried to use MSI afterburner to set the fan curve however afterburner constantly crashed my system on startup despite being the latest official version and having no extra OC settings. I had to boot my system in safe mode and uninstall it to stop the instant crashing. Next I tried TRIXX by Sapphire once again only using the fan control settings. This worked really well for a while and I noticed a big increase in stability as it was struggling to get over 65c. However yesterday the 280 locked it's self to 501MHz even tho I had not changed any settings in TRIXX and it did not fix until I uninstalled TRIXX no matter how many restarts I did. This has led me to the conclusion that the R9 280 simply does not agree with OC utilities. So I spent a few hours on the web searching for some software that only controls gpu fan curves and not OC settings. I could only either find forums saying to use afterburner / TRIXX or forums saying to use the catalyst control center which works but it's manual control only and I want automatic control based on temps. Does anyone know of any software that can do this for me or perhaps does someone know how to access the GPU's BIOS and change it that way. Even if I could just set a max temp and fan goal that would be great as my CPU is currently using a temp goal of 45c and fan goal of level 2 or 3 (can't remember which) and this works perfectly and it still puts the fans to 100% (level 10) at 60c. Just keep in mind tho it must be able to control the fans via the connector on the GPU it's self and not through the motherboard such as speedfan does. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give me. Just in case you need it here is the parts list for my system.... AMD FX-6300 Black edition OC @ 4.4GHz (proven stable by multiple synthetic and real world tests) Asrock 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 Motherboard Thermaltake water 2.0 performer c liquid CPU cooler (AIO) Sapphire R9 280 (obviously) Elgato HD 60 Pro TP-Link 300MBps wifi card 16GB crucial DDR3 RAM 2TB seagate barracuda HDD Corsair vs650 PSU System is only 2 - 3 years old.