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  1. I would like the aesthetics of an AIO, but my case is also too shallow to house the super beefy Air coolers like the D15 or DRP4. I know there are other decent coolers that are lower profile but in my case I think it would just be easier to slap an AIO in there. I also don't like the sort of torque that the huge towers put on the motherboard
  2. Yeah reliability is what I was most concerned about. I'm considering seeing if the Kraken x62 goes on sale cause atm it's $200 CAD, and I can find some other 280mm for a bit cheaper, but I've heard that the Kraken is one of the best you can get. I'm running a 3800x which seems to run decently toasty from what I've thrown at it so far
  3. So I've been on the hunt for a quality AIO for about a week now, looking on Amazon and Memory Express and one brand that I'm seeing quite often on Amazon in particular is DEEPCOOL. I see their products through sponsored placements on the website so at first glance I kind of ignored them but after looking into them a bit more, they do seem decent. They all average 4-ish stars on Amazon and a lot of their AIOs are really competitively priced when compared to the big brands (Corsair, NZXT, etc.) I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with DEEPCOOL's AIOs and could give me some insight into performance, noise, reliability, customer support, really anything you had experience with. From reviews it seems that they perform well, but reliability is the biggest question in my head when I come across smallER brands than what I'm used to. Thanks in advance
  4. So recently my CPU Fan header died so I have it plugged into the CPU_OPT header just until I can get a new board (I can see the fan spinning from where I sit and I just got a new CPU cooler). Currently I have a 3800x on an ASUS ROG Strix B450-F MOBO and I was just curious, which board do you think I should get? After looking at a lot of the X570 prices I became more hesitant to upgrade for the time being. Won't be using SLI and probably won't be overclocking. Will the X570's be worth it to upgrade to or would another B450 be sufficient for my needs? If I were to go with the new gen boards I was thinking the ASUS TUF X570 and I would also like to know some opinions on that as well. When it comes to computer components the MOBO is usually the part I know the least about so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Was originally using the stock paste that comes on the cooler, but have also used Arctic Silver 5 paste (which I think is decent?) and both give me spiking temperatures and high max temps. I'll try reapplying the cooler in a bit here and get back to you
  6. Sorry I'm really tired at this point and forgot to mention; ran Cinebench again today about 30 mins ago and temps got up to 94, after only reaching 68 yesterday
  7. Okay so I switched over to AMD's stock Wraith Prism cooler with the thought that obviously they'd send you a cooler that will work well at stock settings. So I installed the new cooler, ran cinebench again and hit max 68°, great! Well today (1 day later) after doing nothing to my PC, hardware or software wise, I realized that the CPU has started to run hot again, idling in the mid-40's then spiking to mid-high 50's and going back down. I didn't touch a single thing in my BIOS or in my case itself yet it's performing much worse than it did yesterday? Why might that be
  8. So I recently upgraded from a Ryzen 2600x up to their 3800x (got it for a really good price a couple days ago) and all has gone well except one thing is bugging me. When doing very low-intensity tasks (browsing the internet, sitting on desktop) my CPU will idle around 40-43°C, but then will randomly spike up to 50-60°C before slowly going back down 10-15 degrees and then spikes again 10 seconds later. When I run R20 my temps max at 94°C (I'll almost never stress my CPU that much in real use). Currently I'm using an Arctic Freezer Pro 7 which worked wonders for my last CPU but perhaps I need something beefier for the new gen? I've tried reapplying paste and playing with the fan curve with no success. Do 3rd Gens just run hotter? Should I invest in a new cooler? Thanks in advance
  9. Currently I'm running a Ryzen 5 2600x on a ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard (exact MOBO here). As my CPU is beginning to get a bit outdated, and since Black Friday/Cyber Monday are coming up here I was wondering if I'd have any issues upgrading to a 3700x while keeping the same MOBO I have. I've tried looking it up but have gotten very mixed or unclear answers on the topic. At the moment I run at stock settings, not exactly planning to OC in the foreseeable future since I haven't really found a reason to yet. It's not the end of the world if I have to upgrade motherboards but obviously I'd like to save money where I can. So I guess my main questions are these: -Should I be prepared to encounter any BIOS issues when upgrading? -Will I see a dramatic improvement in performance if I upgrade my motherboard? -Is overclocking possible on the old motherboard? (Read that OCing 3rd Gen on last gen boards can cause your PC to crash) -Any other possible issues I may run into? Thanks in advance ♥
  10. Currently running a 1070 Ti and I was wondering if it was worth it to go through the hassle of selling my 1070 Ti and picking up a 2060. I'll be able to get around $400 CAD for my card which means I'll only have to pay $50-$100 for a 2060 when it's released. But is it worth all the work of selling my current card and all that? I'll also wait and see if the fabled 1160 makes an appearance and of course what AMD has to offer at CES but I'm just curious atm.
  11. Currently running these specs: CPU: Ryzen 2600x RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB @ 3000MHz GPUASUS GTX 1050 TI 4GB SSD: ADATA SX6000 128GB HDD: WD Blue 1TB 7.2k PSU: Corsair CX450 Fans: 4x120mm I'm gonna be running out tomorrow and picking up a 1070 ti and I obviously need to upgrade my PSU but I was wondering the minimum I'd need for this build. I was thinking a 550W/600W but I wanted to just be sure that it will be enough Thanks in advance.
  12. Alright I'll look into that, thanks for your help!
  13. How would you rank the 580's performance compared to Nvidia cards? I'm just more familiar with Nvidia's lineup and was wondering if it performs like somwhere between a 1060 - 1070 or what? I was hoping to stay around $400-$500 so those cards are within my range
  14. This is the 580 here https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137244&Description=RX 580&cm_re=RX_580-_-14-137-244-_-Product (yes 8gb)
  15. When I first built my computer I was on a tight budget back almost exactly a year ago when some component prices were still ridiculous. Since then I have upgraded my CPU, MOBO & RAM and I am currently running the 3GB ASUS 1050ti that I originally purchased. I now want to upgrade my graphics card and I was wondering, right now with prices, what my best option would be, taking into consideration what parts I have atm: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix B450-F RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (8x2) 3200MHz PSU: Corsair CX450 I was looking into jumping up to a 1070 or 1070ti and was curious whether any AMD cards are worth using (there's an RX580 on Newegg for $290 CAD)? Thanks in advance.