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  1. it's using an micro atx PSU why can't you upgrade that?
  2. it will surely use more than 250 watts as a 1050ti uses an additional 75 watts a mobo 25-50 watts 2 2700 HDD uses a lot of power to and I have made a pcpartpikker coming around the 300 watts
  3. oke so why id nobody just recommends Pinterest ?
  4. i personally use this phone ich is great https://www.wileyfox.com/en/swift2plus-smartphone/ for me
  5. no, your psu is too weak for sure you at least need a 300 watts but I would advise something around 500 for the best efficient
  6. okay and your looking for a company to paint it in your case or do you search a case
  7. oke can you reinstall the drivers if that does not work go for your warranty
  8. depends a normal person discharge won't kill it an electrical shock from the wall or a speed loader USB will kill it. can you see if it picks up sound in recording devices
  9. ASRock is a daughter company from astekinc better know as Asus producing the cheaper motherboards. so why would ASRock be better than an Asus strix motherboard I just can't find out the answer please tell me
  10. I would go with this one https://www.overclockers.co.uk/b-grade-asus-rog-strix-x370-f-amd-x370-socket-am4-ddr4-atx-motherboard-bg-93i-as.html it's a little out of budget
  11. I would go with an x370 board possibly the strix one but I don't know if that's your budget
  12. just in case google chrome is going to use multithreading?
  13. i think that are the ones that came with the case or he got those as an review sample
  14. its used to spread the sound more evenly but I won't see a consumer use for it.
  15. more storage 1/4 will be filed with your OS in this quantity
  16. ricksteendam1


    the first picture is a Dolby 2.1 stereo output and if your tv does not have a Dolby 2.1 output the only way to make this work is trough getting a 2.1 stereo which has an optical or HDMI input or getting a DJ mixer with a USB input to get it from your pc